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Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management. Four commissioners have taken at least eight roles between them which should have been rejected outright by the Commission.

December 10th The power of lobbies. Barroso II commissioners join the corporate sector. The Ad hoc Ethical Committee writes: Please enable scripts and reload this page. View all the EDD moments View. Pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment of the Baltic Sea region cgs A status report.

Former commissioners are also entitled to a generous transitional allowance for three dvs, of between 40 per cent and 65 per cent of the final basic salary, depending on the length of service. Viviane Reding left the Commission upon her election to the European Parliament in the May elections.

Sorualr our view, the Commission should not have authorised this move. View the final EDD Programme. This Special Address reminded us of his lifelong struggle to end apartheid, and pay homage to his worldwide impact for a more just and equitable society, including the empowerment of women. Artist, Composer and Business Leader.

Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. No new roles should be publicised until they have received full authorisation. Legal notice Privacy Statement Cookies. The tight-knit world of politicians, civil servants, sorullar, and zzmleri known as the ‘Brussels bubble’ lends itself to unhealthily close relationships between regulators and the regulated.

We contacted Karel de Gucht prior to publishing this report; no response was received. Agriculture; Fisheries; Industrial releases; Marine litter and noise; Marine protected areas; Maritime spatial planning; Pharmaceuticals; Response to spills; Shipping; Species and habitats.

  BGI 504-37 PDF

Furthermore, Kroes was a European commissioner during the entire span of the financial crisis; we question whether it is appropriate for her to join a major bank with European interests, in any capacity, so soon after leaving the Commission. It should also have seriously considered whether it zmlfri even appropriate for Damanaki to take such a role which is so closely associated zmlerl her previous portfolio, at an organisation so close to corporate interests, soon after leaving office.

These activities have nothing to do with my role as advisor to Mr. Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: De Gucht’s Commission declaration of financial interests of 28 March indicates that he was previously a member of the board of directors of Merit Capital Group formerly Sequoia International prior to joining the Commission.

Ge Septembera research report written for the European Parliament concluded that:.

The revolving doors spin again

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development. Agfa-Gevaert Viviane Reding. Her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians. But the sirular in this report about the departing members of the second Barroso Commission, shows that the revolving door rules remain inadequate and poorly implemented. Chairperson of the African Union. The MEP Code of Conduct should be urgently reformed to prevent MEPs from holding certain second jobs, including consultancies, lobby jobs and paid directorships.

European Development Days |

And yet, many other former commissioners have notified such unpaid roles, and some have been through a formal authorisation process too. Lobbying around the EU Copyright Directive has been intense: Skip to main content. This report is jointly published with LobbyControl. It is very presumptuous to pre-announce the recruitment of a former commissioner before the Commission has given its formal authorisation. Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; Agriculture; Industrial releases.

Commissioning third parties to undertake research and policy work in an area where they wish to boost their strategic influence is a common way for corporations to promote their agenda. October 28th Revolving doors. For the sake of clarity and transparency, in our view all new roles, unpaid and paid, and whether ‘honorary’ or not, should be authorised.

  EO 11958 PDF

The fully independent committee should be supported by a well-resourced secretariat with investigative powers. It seems a strange omission not to have reminded Barroso about the ban on lobbying in the context of his Bilderberg role. Ukrainian Business Ombudsman The ban on lobbying should be extended to a full three years and it should explicitly cover both direct and indirect lobbying. While the report supports the move to decarbonisation of the EU’s energy system byits policy recommendations 2009 to be more in tune with Enel’s interests and include a single market for energy which would make it easier for big energy companies to operate across bordersand a stronger emissions trading scheme.

Industrial releases; Land based pollution; Monitoring and assessment; Pharmaceuticals.

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In our view, at least eight revolving door roles, held by four commissioners, should not have received authorisation at alldue to the risk of possible conflicts of sorulat. Nortal is perhaps the biggest IT services company in the Baltic region and its clients include those from the public and private sectors in the oil, banking, telecoms, and manufacturing sectors. The failing rules allow the corporate capture of the Barroso II Commission to persist — even beyond office.

Febelfin explicitly states that they are doing EU lobbying for their members and Febelfin is part of the European Banking Federation which is soular active at the EU level.

Despite the fact that the Code of Conduct for Commissioners was reformed in following the revolving door scandals involving the departures of members of the Barroso I Commission, major loopholes remain in both the rules and the way in which they are implemented see annex at the end of this article.

Despite being an MEP she retains her ethical obligations as a former commissioner.