Tube or Röhre ID, Triode, vacuum, Nuvistor and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Find great deals for NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The nuvistor is a type of vacuum tube announced by RCA in Most nuvistors are basically – First one released, medium mu triode; – Sharp cutoff tetrode; – triode for low plate voltages; – triode, with plate cap & grid.

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If you search for ‘nuvistor nuvisyor on Google you’ll get lots of hits for audio and radio projects that you might want to build.

Mullard describe the valve as a high-slope RF pentode primarily intended for use in wideband amplifiers in telephone carrier systems, radar equipment and measuring equipment. The Nuvistor was the final evolution of the thermionic valve as a general purpose active circuit element.

Click image for full datasheet The diagram above shows an extract from RCA’s datasheet for the 6CW4 showing the physical construction and dimensions. Nuvistor Internals Inside view of a 6CW4, after a narrow ring of the case had been ground away so that it nuvsitor be lifted clear. Companies still make adaptor modules for replacing the VF with a 13CW4. Their application was mainly in high-impedance cathode-follower vertical and trigger input circuits, and also Miller time-bases.

Some sources of data that I use are:. Mullard’s diagram of the internal structure of a Nuvistor helps work out which parts of the ‘de-capped’ 6CW4 do what.

By using this site, you 786 to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Some sources of data that I use are: When I first started researching this article, my assumption was that TV tuners were the intended and most significant use for Nuvistors, as many Internet-based descriptions seem to indicate.

This model is still considered to be a nuvixtor and is collected by enthusiasts today. Cut-away view of a Nuvistor triode leftand a tetrode right with a top cap connection to the anode, as typical of the RCA announced the first Nuvistor triode valve, thein More typical amateur applications would use Nuvistor triodes as low-noise pre-amplifiers for 70cm MHzthough A triodes in a B9A envelope, allowing the use of five pins for the critical grid connectionwere also popular at this time.


Retrieved from ” https: As it turned out Nuvistor technology was extremely useful, and found many applications for many more years: I’ve added in some Russian Nuvistors, all with flying leads, but I’m sure there are many more types from this source which are not in the table.

Nuvistors were used nuvistoe in test equipment produced in the s and s by companies such as Tektronix and Hewlett Packard.

Mullard’s exploded view of the Nuvistor triode and its component parts. Nuvistors, being in the tube family, are high-impedance devices — circuit components are generally less expensive. Although valves continue to be used in specialised applications, e. The diagram above shows an extract from RCA’s datasheet for the 6CW4 showing the physical construction and dimensions.

These codes are best-case transliterations from the Russian Cyrillic alphabet. Triodes and a few tetrodes were made.

7586 NOS Vacuum Tube Jan RCA Nuvistor

Above, left, is an example of the first released Nuvistor type, themanufactured by Philips at Eindhoven and branded ‘Mullard’ for the Nuvistoor. Consumer 2DS4 – 2v. Nuvistor Valves in Domestic Radios Nuvistors were also found in some high quality broadcast radios. The result will be tubes that are far smaller, perform more efficiently, use less power, can take more punishment, are more reliable. The electromagnetic pulse EMP produced by a nuclear explosion is likely to disable any transistor stages of a radio and so just protecting muvistor front end is probably not enough.

It’s interesting that the Mullard drawings seem to correspond exactly to the internals of the RCA-manufactured valve.

Complete power supplies, replacement capacitors, and the valves for these microphones still come up for sale on eBay occasionally. These all-numeric valve codes can be very misleading!

NOS Tube Store: RCA Nuvistor

A Nuvistor was used in the plug-in wideband preamplifier module available for the Hewlett Packard L 50MHz counter-timer of the s. After some pre-determined period of time these sonobuoys usually self-destruct by sinking themselves, so that they can’t fall into the hands of a potential enemy.

The 6CW4 is to the right of the chassis. In the US Space Program The Ranger series of unmanned spacecraft were launched between andand were the first US attempt to obtain close-up images of the Moon’s surface, in preparation for the manned landings 75866 the end of the decade, as nuvidtor by President Kennedy in Nuvistors are among the highest performing small signal receiving tubes.


Frank Philipse’s excellent site. I think I can see some examples with squarer shoulders than others, so maybe the single manufacturer theory is incorrect.

In the mids the Knight range of quality receivers and amplifiers were offered as kits in the UK, by Electroniques. In adverts and application data the word ‘Nuvistor’ was printed in a unique font, giving the impression of a Nuvistor logo, and this can be seen in the Geloso advert later on in the article.

Nuvistor – Wikipedia

The circuits were crude by today’s standards – they contained several transistors and a few resistors, but they were the first step on the road that has led to billions of transistors now being regularly deposited onto a single silicon chip. Published in Wireless World February-May They feature excellent VHF and UHF performance plus low noise figures, and were widely used throughout the s in television sets beginning with RCA’s “New Vista” line of color sets in with the CTC chassisradio and high-fidelity equipment primarily in RF sections, and oscilloscopes.

In the cold war environment of the late s I think we should assume that RCA’s designers already had military and space uses for these valves in mind, even as they were testing the first prototypes and perfecting the novel production process. We can safely assume that these valves were not cheap! Readers’ comments as to whether this is true would be welcome.

This could explain why the prototype Clansman radio used Nuvistors, but these were designed out for the production version of the radio. Before returning the plane to its rightful owners in 30 crates the Americans took it apart and analysed its technology in great detail. They are the end stage of a miniaturisation process illustrated below that had continued from the ‘s in an effort to improve the high frequency performance of RF amplifiers.

These microphones are still very well regarded and there are restoration services available to bring them back to pristine condition. You can see the insulated lead spreader at nuvietor base. For example the A’s heater consumed 2.