Adcor® is a unique product that has been specifically developed to provide higher Adcor® Adhesive MS: An adhesive for gluing Adcor S to smooth. Adcor® S. Product Description. A conformable, swellable polymer/butyl rubber waterstop strip that expands in contact with water. When fully encapsulated by. GCP can also uniquely provide continuity of swellable waterstops at construction joint/movement joint intersections. This is achieved by linking Adcor S with.

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Please click on the reason for your vote: Bentorub is designed for sealing construction joints, cold joints and working joints in concrete, around pipe penetrations, in sewer joints, against slurry walls and sheet piling, etc. A full range of factory made junction pieces for all sizes also available. Please enter a valid email address to recieve your safety data sheet.

Typical applications include foundation walls, tunnels, earth-sheltered structures and planters. Resists both negative and positive water pressure. The swelling property allows the RIW Waterstop repairs to form a permanent pressure seal within the concrete joint, thus eliminating water migration over or along the waterstop.

It is made from natural bentonite clay and synthetic rubber.

Brushcrete is a two component polymer reinforced cementitious waterproofing compound that requires only on site mixing to form the ideal product to waterproof and resurface concrete, masonry, and most other construction materials. An adhesive for gluing Adcor S to smooth concrete, steel and plastic substrates. Find out how we can help here. Accomodates minor settlemenet and shrinkage movementControlled thickness. Price Cetco Voltex 5000s 1. To find out more about producing specifications for building projects visit axcor.


Double Drain can also be used to provide excellent protection to a primary waterproofing system, against backfilling and mechanical damage.

Vandex BB75 is a tanking slurry also known as a waterproofing slurry for basement and cellar waterproofing applications. First, choose the form factor that is best for your application:.

B1 Solvent-based primer used to prepare vertical and sloping surfaces and suspended slabs, for Bituthene only. Double Drain is acor cold applied, high density polyethylene profiled sheet, incorporating a permeable geotextile filter fabric, designed to prevent ground water reaching the structure. How it works – 1. Price Proofex Protection Board. Adcof at least 6 bar 60 m hydrostatic pressure.

Waterpoofs substrates up to 7 bars of pressure, ideal for contact with potable water. Advantages of Alderprufe 20k: Price Bituthene Protection board. Controlled volumetric expansion – reduces risk of concrete spalling.


Price Servitite AT Waterstop. Price Visqueen HP Primer. All vertical surfaces should be primed using Membrane Primer. It is supplied in rolls 1mm thick overall, 1 metre wide and 25 metre long 25 sq metres. Profile size 25mm x 20mm. VOLTEX contains zero VOC, can be installed in almost any weather conditions to green concrete, and most importantly, has proven effective on both new and remedial waterproofing projects worldwide.

No need for protective steel mesh. Price Dualseal Swellable Waterstop.

Available in 3 different widths of mmmm and mm. We’ll always treat your personal details with the utmost care and will never sell them to other companies for marketing purposes. It is recommended to protect the Bentorub strip using the Bentosteel fixing cage. Proofex LM can be applied to damp surfaces. Proofex LM Data Sheet.


Adcor® S | Structural Waterproofing and Membranes | Grace

The material also offers continuously active dacor hydrophilic elements swell in contact with water to sdcor voids formed by normal concrete shrinkage. Suitable substrates include concrete, masonry, steel, asbestos cement, timber, sprayed polyurethane foams and expanded polystyrene such as ICF systems.

Alderprufe Membrane 15k General purpose tanking membrane. Contact permission We’d love to send you exclusive offers and the latest info relating to health and safety and safety data sheets by email and other electronic means.

Triton Adcor S Waterbar – Triton Systems

It can be applied to green concrete, and is resistant to sulfates and ground salts. IKO Hyload Tanking Membrane HD is flexible SBS polymer modified torch applied bitumen sheet material with an added tough non-woven polyester surface giving additional protection against damage from backfilling operations, and can also be beneficial in binding with subsequent concreting operations.

Danger from liquids escaping under pressure and contamination with spray. Simply fill in your email address below and click ‘Send To My Email’ get your data sheet emailed to you. Each product clause is authored in NBS format and is intended for inclusion in project specifications.