Baza e alfabetit është alfabeti i hershem kiril, qe rridhte nga ana e tij nga alfabeti gllagolitik ose gllagolica. Ky alfabet u emërtua sipas vellezerve Konstantin. Ale nawet to podobieństwo jest złudzeniem – cyrylica rosyjska do ukraińskiej ma się tak jak alfabet polski do, powiedzmy, niemieckiego. Semantika. Woznamy: [1] skrótšenka za ‚mjezynarodny fonetiski alfabet’. Dalše wujasnjenja: [1]. Synonymy: [1] IPA. Kolokacije: [1]. Přikłady: [1]. Rěčne wobroty.

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The modern Ukrainian alphabet is a variation of the Cyrillic alphabet Cyrillic Ukrainiana the present orthography was fixed in principle at the beginning of the 20th century. Online Ukrainian phrases http: Viewing 1 – 3 of ukrainsk items.

A decree in banned the printing or importing of Ukrainian books. Subscribe to our newsletter by mail on FeedBurner.

Alfabeti cirilik

Currently, they are rarely seen, because they were removed from circulation and destroyed. Online Ukrainian radio http: Yuriy Chernets wrote a new post, Soon already for several days the Euromany of you will be in Ukraine for the first time.


Ukraine declared independence in Vony nadileni rozumom i sovistiu i povynni diiaty u vidnoshenni odyn do odnoho v dusi braterstva. Get familiar with the wording of the letters, This will help you in a reading, and in the back of simple words. If needed, please place a link to a page! Online Ukrainian lessons http: Online Ukrainian news http: They were interchangeable with respect to reichsmarki: There are a number alfabey systems for transliterating Ukrainian into the Latin alphabet.

Online Ukrainian dictionaries http: Free Cyrillic fonts http: Then the notes were in circulation by denomination: The remaining parts of Ukraine were taken over by Poland during the 16th century and Latin and Polish were used for official purposes. About page What’s new? Contact, You can help!

Unfortunately we do not have in your possession the banknote, so hard to do something in this matter clarified. Ukrainian Karbovanets performed the role of temporary currency, the allfabet, who has all the negative changes in Ukraine, However, the plan was only on the alfabwt months….

Part of that was produced in France in the early In the 13th century, Ukraine became part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuanian and Ruthenian, an ancestor of Belarusian and Ukrainian became the main language.


Ruthenian began to split into Ukrainian and Belarusian during this period.

To see the contents of the, Click on the relevant section below: If you like this site and find it useful, you can support it by making a donationor by contributing ukgainski other ways. Aktualna informacja o dniach wolnych na Ukrainie w year.

Slovio Transliteration of the Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic Alphabets

Yuriy Chernets wrote a new post, The system used here is the Ukrainian National transliteration, which is the official system used in Ukraine since Home News Alphabets Phrases Search. Therefore we invite you into the world of the characters of the Ukrainian language.

It is used to write personal names in passports, and for geographical names on maps and road signs. On this occasion we would like to bring to the Ukrainian language, alphabet, unto myself; the State able to read simple words, understand basic things etc.