How to use AmiBroker with external data source (Quotes Plus, . AmiBroker Reference Guide CHANGES FOR VERSION (as compared to ). This post contains a list of AmiBroker ‘supported’ sites (most of the sites are officially supported Currently tresury notes profit is hardcoded at In future version there will be user−setting for this. Sharpe Ratio of trades − Measure of risk.

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For MagicTrend Indicator Version x64 v1. For MagicTrend Indicator Version 1.

Now enter the details of your Registration name and Registration Key as provided in the mail. Now Copy the hardware ID given in the registration box and send it on amibroler to sales nascenttraders. Now copy your hardware ID and send it by e-mail to sales nascenttraders.

Amibroker Plugin Update Change Log

Most stable and fast. Tested on versions from Amibroker 5. Any error due to this plugin will be resolved. Watch more details on the following videos: For more details on how to install watch complete video. Include automatic plugin installer for easy installation. Useful to incorporate into your custom trading strategies. You can submit your ideas and suggestions and ajibroker the list of features planned for the next few releases registered users only.


Then click on the register button. Automated Trading, by Herman van den Bergen. Improved memory management in core-code and fully stable. Alerts in Alert Output window and Sound Alert of trend and low-risk entry signals. Risk barometer for low-risk re-entry in existing trend direction. Working on all time frames charts including Tick, 1-min, 5-min, min, min, Hourly, 2Hourly, Daily, Weekly.

If you have Amibroker version lower than 5.

Intelligent Optimization, by Fred Tonetti. It was was created to save you time, raise your productivity, aid you in your Amibroker Formula Language AFL learning experience, and help you become a more successful trader. If you get the message of invalid registration key, check your key and name details in the e-mail. You must have installed registered or trial version of Amibroker x64 bit version as presently this plugin is available in x64 bit version only and reliable EOD or real-time data source.

Ueer and now will work irrespective of screen resolution or chart size. Also type in your name as provided in the mail from sales nascenttraders. The AFL on-line library provides a very convenient way to share formulas, including descriptions and comments, between AmiBroker users. This will be helpful in the real-time chart for confirmation from trend signal.


AmiBroker DevLog » AmiBroker official release

This site is owned and operated by AmiBroker but its contents are entirely contributed by users. Keep this mail secure and handy.

Keep this mail secure. Would also work on the lower version than 5.

Now again run the same installer file as administrator as described above. Do not share this key with anyone, otherwise it will be liable for cancellation.

Now you will get a message of successful registration. As you will need MagicTrend Indicator 1. The support page features additional documentation and videos. Stock list explorer can simultaneously scan amiborker Long and Short entry signals. Now copy this registration key.

Have completed the purchase amibroke received the confirmation email from sales nascenttraders. Please mail at sales nascenttraders. Now your Amibroker will start normally. This group is for discussion on developing and testing trading systems, using AmiBroker searchable archive and file uploading. The basic code is improved for more profit protection and lesser risk. For Magic Trend Indicator x64 v1. Rest of the features are unchanged. Tested on all x64 versions from Amibroker 5.