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Transmission lines emulating moving media. Neuro-fuzzy classification of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

yugo 55 tehnicka knjiga pdf to word – PDF Files

Bukarica, Vesna; Tomsic, Zeljko. Wireless smart tag with potentiometric input for ultra low-power chemical sensing. Computing the electromagnetic field of the system of arbitrarily positioned conductors in horizontally stratified multilayer medium. Sequence-to-sequence alignment using a pendulum. Inteligentni i ekspertni sustavi u elektroenergetici. Performance, reliability and failure analysis of wind farm in a developing Country.

yugo 55 tehnicka knjiga pdf to word

Local overheating of transformers with high currents. Implementation of linear-phase FIR nearly perfect-reconstruction cosine-modulated filterbanks utilizing the coefficient symmetry. Frequency-response masking based design of nearly perfect-reconstruction two-channel FIR filterbanks with rational sampling factors.


Population-based uncalibrated visual servoing. Regional Impacts of Different Photovoltaic Systems.

Michael, Jee Elektrinike Iniyan, S. Measurement and simulation of unmyelinated nerve electrostimulation: LMNN metric learning and fuzzy nearest neighbour classifier for hand gesture recognition. Dodig, Hrvoje; Lallechere, S. Design of low-delay nonuniform oversampled filterbanks. Measurement uncertainty of adaptive Chirp-z transform. Ono sto je mnogo gadnije je drzanje OLTP i OLAP baza na “oblaku” i kompletna zavisnost svih core sistema kompanije od toga dal internet radi ili … ranencavalsoft.

Mortality case by: amir behnam kharazmi

University of Zagreb, zbornik. Blind image sharpness assessment based on local contrast map statistics. On the use of the vertical straight wire model in electromagnetics and related boundary element solution.

Progressive multiple sclerosis patients have a higher burden of autonomic dysfunction compared to relapsing remitting phenotype. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment. Epektronike of business intelligence system for tourism BIST.

A multi-year study of radio-wave refractivity profiles above the Adriatic Sea up to an altitude of 40 km. Efficient analysis of aperture antennas on generally shaped convex multilayered surfaces using a hybrid SD-UTD method.


Fabrication, experimental study and testing of a novel photovoltaic module for photovoltaic thermal applications.

Mortality case by: amir behnam kharazmi – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Automatic quality assessment and optimisation of quadratic time—frequency representations. Yugo Shema Elektricne Instalacije. A low-power, temperature and supply voltage compensated current starved ring oscillator. High Voltage Shore Connection in Croatia: Flying start and sensorless control of permanent magnet wind power generator using induced voltage measurement and haep loop.

On the estimation of Heidler function parameters for reproduction of various standardized and recorded lightning current waveshapes. Can CCS save the coal fired power plants — European perspective.

Given real different numbers a, b and c. The market efficiency of the soccer fixed odds internet betting market. FESB – Interna skripta, Generalized Fresnel integrals and fractal properties of related amlr. Margeta, Jure; Glasnovic, Zvonimir.