Aphis spiraecola. is a nearly worldwide and highly polyphagous aphid species. Common names. Spirea aphid, Green citrus aphid. Distribution. This aphid is. Aphis spiraecola Patch, green citrus aphid, spirea aphid. polyphagous. parasite. Apterae mm, bright greenish yellow to apple green with brown head . Page 1 of FERA – UK PRA for Aphis spiraecola. Rapid Pest Risk Analysis ( PRA) for. Aphis spiraecola. STAGE 1: INITIATION. 1. What is the name of the pest ?.

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Aphis spiraecola – Wikipedia

Trioxys angelicae can complete its development in A. Records of aphid-natural enemies complex of Uttar Pradesh. The first population zphis in the spring can result in severe damage to apple trees; while the second in autumn can affect the formation of buds and flowers, although overall damage to crop yields is less severe Zhang et al.

The alate migrants from citrus play a major part in the spring infestation of citrus groves in Japan and other citrus growing regions. Population trends of the spirea aphid, Aphis citricola van der Goot, in a citrus grove in Israel.

Contributo alla conoscenza degli afidi degli agrumi. Fruits Paris52 6: Acta Agriculturae Universitatis Henanensis, 31 2: The correlation between the transmission of passionfruit ringspot virus and populations of flying aphids. Journal of Applied Entomology, 1: Aphids of economic importance in India.

wpiraecola East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, 53 3: IPM Programmes Harmonia axyridis is the major natural enemy controlling aphid numbers in integrated pest management programmes in citrus in the Korean Republic, and Cho et al.


Journal of Entomological Research, 31 2: Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala, 25 2: Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 17 3: Host plant range is large and many wild species can act as reser Title Cauda and siphunculi.

Journal of Asia Pacific Entomology, 6 2: The seasonal abundance of Aphis citricola V. Aphids in apple orchards in Central-South Bulgaria. Canadian Entomologist, 5: Augmentative releases for aphid control on landscape plants. Sex pheromone of Aphis spiraecola Homoptera: Host preference and suitability of two aphelinid parasitoids Hymenoptera: Meanwhile, Aphis citricola was described by van der Groot infrom aphids collected in Chile.

Summary of Invasiveness Top of page A. Crop Protection, 12 2: They suggested that the widespread pest aphid on citrus and other trees and shrubs should therefore revert to the name used for it formerly: Oviparae showed a circadian rhythm in release of sex pheromone Hong et al.

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Agronomia Tropical Maracay, 43 Aphididae – a new pest on apple in Bulgaria. Aphis spiraecola Patch Homoptera: Applied Entomology and Zoology, 40 1: Accidental spread has resulted in it being introduced into countries worldwide.

Prevention and Control Top of page Chemical Control A number of insecticide regimes have spiradcola recommended to control A. Species Vectored Top of page Alfalfa mosaic virus alfalfa yellow spot Citrus aphiw B citrus scaly bark Citrus tristeza virus citrus tristeza Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus Cucumber mosaic virus cucumber mosaic Maize dwarf mosaic virus dwarf mosaic of maize Papaya ringspot virus Peanut stunt virus peanut stunt Plum pox virus sharka Potato virus Y potato mottle Watermelon mosaic virus watermelon mosaic Zucchini yellow mosaic virus.


Review of Nicaraguan Entomology, 5: Rosen discussed how the increasing prevalence of A. Title Apterous vivipara Caption Aphis spiraecola Spirea aphid ; apterous vivipara, ventral view.

AphID – Aphis spiraecola

Eastop and Hille Ris Lambers listed synonyms but under the name citricola van der Groot. Blossoms and young fruit especially of soft-skinned varieties drop prematurely, and the trees may be stunted. Associations Colonies of A. Brown and Brown and Miller described predators of A.

Aphids can also be carried on fruits and ornamental plants to new areas, where they may establish on host crops. It was assumed that this ant interfered with the activity of aphid predators.

Aphis spiraecola

Biology and Ecology Top of page Genetics A. In addition to being a pest of fruit orchards, A.

Fruits, Paris, 46 4: Notes on Taxonomy and Nomenclature Top of page Aphis spiraecola was first described by Patch in The body of apterous females spiraceola yellow-green, sometimes with a pink hue; the head, siphunculi and cauda are brown-black and the length of the body is 1.

It was concluded that the optimal range of temperature for A. Manejo Integrado de Plagas, No. Aphid transmission of plum pox potyvirus: The parasitoid Aphelinus spiraecolae, which has a preference for A.