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Residence watch Security and surveillance of the living quarters and adjacent grounds where the principal is residing. Major weapon or other threats.

Evaluation results will be maintained on file for 1 year. Communicate by telephone or provide the abductor with a communications device. Those security measures taken to provide security for the principal, which include personal security, site and conference security, and appropriate application of physical security.

However, execution of full-time protective service missions may require use of special equipment and materials.

Evaluations will include establishing communications with hostage takers and role playing of various hostage incidents. Mark the rooftop of the vehicle. Attempt to establish multiple observation points from which to view the location, behavior, and movements of the. Cited in para 1—4 c.

Negotiation means the willingness to establish dialogue for arriving at a settlement; it does not imply yielding to. SRT marksmen snipers will be familiarized monthly and qualified every 60 days. Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. This will include running, firing rapidly, and firing from varied and difficult firing positions. Full-time protective services sr be provided only for personnel designated as Level 1 high risk by the MACOM commander exercising the geographical 190-5 of responsibility, or as directed by higher authority.


Every phase of a protective service mission must be carefully coordinated with appropriate military, Federal, State, local, and host country ra. References, page 10 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1. MACOM commanders assigned the responsibility for designated geographical areas will provide for the personal.

Installation Management and Organization. Protective services should be based upon a defense in depth employing concentric cordons or rings of security. Credentials will be transferred as stated in AR —30 for military police investigator MPI credentials.

Before personnel may perform on-the-job-training OJT protective service duties, they must have a valid DA Form Personnel Action which states they will attend the course. FM 19—20 Law Enforcement Investigations. Full-time protective service team.

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Summon required assistance and establish a location for the command post. Requests will not be submitted until the individual concerned has been screened and cleared in accordance with paragraph 3—1 a. Cited in para 3—3. SRT members must be afforded adequate time to conduct training and will be a at least semiannually using varied scenarios in day and night operations.


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Project and protocol officers, security personnel, and hosts will be identified and assigned responsibilities. All SRT members will be familiarized monthly and qualified quarterly with their assigned weapons. This will include maintenance of a control log and monthly physical inventories of credentials. Ensure audio communication with the abductor is maintained. Chapter 5 Hostage Negotiations 5—1.

Explanation of abbreviations and terms Abbreviations and special terms used in this regulation are explained in the glossary. They should consider clothing worn by the principal being protected and the location of the mission.


Special reaction team weapons will include—. It does not contain internal control provisions. Personnel selected for full-time protective service duties must successfully complete the U.

Equip the escape vehicle, provided to the abductor, with electronic tracking devices.