Behringer Ultra-Curve DSP Digital Bit Dual DSP Mainframe Equalizer / Processor. By Behringer. 1 review. 2 used from $ i learned how to do sound on this though i never played with the settings until years ago and never knew what i was doing until a year ago. I use a behringer. ?ViewItem&item=&ru=http://

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However, I no longer have any use for it. I’m not sure if the DSP actually adds any amount of noise to the output signal, but I wouldn’t dssp8000 surprised if that’s where it’s coming from.

It’s only a problem on systems with an exceptionally low noise floor.

Some went up slightly, some went down slightly. I would like to buy an analyzer like this and keep it in my signal chain all the time.

Maybe I’ll try it again now that I’ve done some acoustic adjustments and upgraded monitors and see if I can hear any grit. The position gives a voice very clear voice by eliminating resonance and reverberation of the room in the grave.

It would be cool to hype the bass or mids from time to time during mixdown behrihger mastering I think! Ditto for the gnrateur pink noise: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Join the HC Newsletter. It allows you to scroll through your dynamic range, so the screen size isn’t an issue. I was actually amazed how nice they sounded compared to other, more expensive rack equipment.


Behringer Ultracurve DSP | Harmony Central

FWIW I did the same thing with the DEQ as an experiment but pulled it out cause it it seemed to play with the stereo imaging a touch and added a touch of grit. Behringer Ultracurve DSP Out of the 5 Behringer digital eqs around this area that I know of, only 2 are still dsl8000 properly. Found the item, it’s an DSP From what I found in my own use of it and what I’ve heard people say, it’s pretty crappy compared to the DEQ But, I have played around with the EQs and dynamics a little and even cleaned up some old cassette tapes with it in conjunction with Waves restoration bundle.

Sort of like the newer Alesis and Dynaudio monitors can do. Behringer Ultracurve DSP Enter your search terms Submit search form. I can rope the little rack up off a floor feet in the air without fear that I would have with a laptop.

I’ve heard other people say that it has cheap circuitry and that it doesn’t allow you to do a lot of the stuff the DEQ does like using the eq and having the Behrinber monitor the output signal, post eq. I emmne always with me, with his microphone ECM because of a. Although they aren’t the best quality of signal processing you can get, they actually aren’t nearly as bad as I would have suspected. The only real functional issue is the noise gate threshold, and I don’t recall if it can be bypassed.


It should work just fine for dsp800 a room and I doubt that it would create much noticeable noise. I created a forum topic recement on my way to pay for the rapid adaptation and automatic speaker system for cinemas. But we can avoid a novice vrrouiller for the so-called Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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Originally Posted by RawDepth. No doubt an older model, now replaced beheinger the DSP What RTA’s are out there? Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. The noise gate allows a sound pro, breathless pauses during the concert. All times are GMT Oh well, thanks anyway.

Noisy Real Time Analyzer? – Home Recording forums

Might be an older model that is not stocked anymore? I’d just go with a good graphic or two. This does not effect the sound and all settings are still saved. It also comes with the microphone. Login or Behrjnger Up.

Besides, I never heard saturate the ais! By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Sign in to disable this ad. Only ultracurve is the DEQ Sr Although there is a little better