Activităţile disciplinei de Biologie Celulară şi Moleculară se desfăşoară în amfiteatrele Universităţii şi în spaţiile proprii: sala de curs “John Wrigglesworth”, două. Vasilica Bauşic with expertise in: Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Contact Vasilica Bauşic, read 25 publications, and see who Vasilica Bauşic has cited. Designing of natural biomaterials and biomimetic tissue substitutes based on extracellular matrix components for regenerative medicine; Development of in vitro.

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Rockefeller Foundation in Paris, states that it represents “the study of temporal organization of living beings and its alterations. The best skill was recorded by researchers between the hours “15 – 16 ” time “Lx 15” showing also the lowest threshold of pain sensitivity.

Georgescu, D Popov, G.

Protective effects of nebivolol and reversal of endothelial dysfunction in diabetes associated with hypertension. Mecanisme biochimice modificate ale celulelor peretelui vascular in diabet. Lucrari prezentate la Conferinte Internationale 1. Enoxaparin — a low molecular weight heparin, restores the altered vascular reactivity of resistance arteries in aged and aged-diabetic hamsters.

Add this badge to your website. Biopatologia molecuulara in diabetul experimental. In what time frame you consider that you have xelulara maximum capacity of concentration?


Research Area

Yes No I do not know Not interested 2. Quantitative fluorimetric analysis of advanced glycosylation end products in mesenteric arteries and lens crystallin of hyperlipemic and simultaneously hyperlipemic and hyperglycemic hamsters. European Journal of Pharmacology, , Perturbarea reactivitatii arterelor de rezistenta, manifestare a disfunctiei vasculare in diabet.

Most of their general condition characterized military students at an interval of 30 minutes after awakening as an ideal, choosing the answer “rest” but there is also negligible percentage on options “energy” and “tired”. Physical cycle lasts only 23 days: The effect of biologid hyperlipemia-hyperglycemia on the reactivity of resistance arteries to noradrenaline and bradykinine; the modulation of dysfunctions by oral administration of L-arginine.

Popov, in Journal of the American Aging Association, vol.

Maria Butnaru – Google Scholar Citations

Mecanismul celular implicat in efectul vasodilatator al nebivololului asupra arterei renale. Enoxaparina restabileste disfunctia endoteliala in imbatranire si diabet experimental.

Mechanisms of impeded bradykinin-induced vasodilation in experimental hyperlipemia-hyperglycemia: European Journal of Pharmacology Din – Reviewer: Banca de celule stem crioconservate pentru cercetare si transplant autolog COST programme The project: Modificari ale vaselor de rezistenta si ale capilarelor hamsterilor hiperlipemici- hiperglicemici. From scientifically proved that alternation body temperature affects psychomotor ability, in the sense that, as the temperature is high, the body is more active.


The system can’t perform the operation now. Studii si Cercetari de Biochimie, vol. Utilizarea miografului in studiile de reactivitate vasculara; principii, rezultate experimentale si demonstratie practica; – A. You think the ambient temperature influence your psychomotor ability?

Yes No I do not know Not interested 8. Vascular effects of nebivolol, a cardiovascular drug: Monitoring of type 1 diabetes in transgenic mouse model.

The effect of Enoxaparin on the vascular reactivity of the resistance arteries; Role of endothelial nitric oxide. Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials 9 11, Adiponectina di mediator in semnalizarea intracelulara activata de insulina; implicatii clinice in obezitatea asociata cu diabetul de tip II Simionescu Superoxide dismutase entrapped—liposomes restore the impaired endothelium-dependent relaxation of resistance arteries in experimental diabetes.

Insuficienta venoasa cronica este asociata cu un nivel crescut de microparticule circulante.