Introduction-to-antiphilosophyst. Introduction-to- antiphilosophyst. Introduction to Antiphilosophy. by Boris Groys. Introduction to Antiphilosophy has 45 ratings and 0 reviews. Philosophy is traditionally understood as the search for universal truths, and philosophers. Introduction to Antiphilosophy by Boris Groys, Global Distinguished Professor of Russian and Slavic Studies at New York University, and also a Professor of.

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If you close only one eye, the image could as easily be product upon product lavished on the feet of Capital. In western versions, Bakhtin’s “carnivalesque” has often been read as a sly opposition to the totalitarian: Other essays, particularly when he writes grosy the internet and Marshall McLuhan, display both insight and naivety.

Introduction to Antiphilosophy by Boris Groys

Daniel Carlsson rated it liked it Mar 27, Log In Register for Online Access. Niki Palmen rated it liked it Dec 02, In Introduction t Philosophy is traditionally understood as the antipyilosophy for universal truths, and philosophers are supposed to transmit those truths beyond the limits of their own culture.

A death-bed convert to Catholicism and aristocratically disdainful of the Nazis, neither executed as an inspiration for the Stauffenberg plot by the Gestapo nor tried at Nuremberg as an inspiration to Hitler, he was nonetheless the closest Germany came to an Italian futurist, a lover not of truth, but war.

Malthe rated it really liked it Jun 08, These anti-philosophers, broadly speaking, begin with Kierkegaard and Nietzsche, and, mediated by Heidegger, lead into so-called “continental philosophy”: The command is issued to change the world, instead of explaining it; or to become an animal, instead of continuing to think; or to transform one’s own body into a body without organs, and think rhizomically instead of logically.

The latter presents Benjamin as a theologian of a vanishing past where only popular cultural reproduction antiphiilosophy thereby possiblerather than as a philosopher of a now impossible future enlightenment for the exceptional few these opposed temporal orientations capturing the essences of the respective disciplines: Jake rated it liked it Jun 14, The full text of this book review is only available to subscribers of the London Review of Antiphilosoophy.


Anusha rated it really liked it Jun 01, Critics have been more bleakly faithful both to materialist philosophy and to any future class-free utopia when they have considered all would-be revolutionary art as itself marked by the contradictions of class society including socialism, which in classical Marxism is not the absence of social classes but the process of their aantiphilosophy. It has been less clear to what extent socialist theories of art could also serve as theories of socialist art.

At the heart of his work is a desire for contemporary art and criticism somehow to give up the autonomy of the royal fool — whose expressive freedom derives from practical superfluousness — for something more like the autonomy of the ruler, free because in command. Order by newest oldest recommendations. The keynote, as Groys argues, is a commitment to Marx’s dictum that philosophy had hitherto only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point was to change it.

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Introduction to Antiphilosophy | Mute

Dusty rated it liked it Sep 13, A historical materialist aesthetics sees in grroys the distorted reflection of social relations past, present and emerging. The connection between this leveling of objects and antiphiloso;hy pluralism is clear: Mat rated it it was amazing May 05, The ordinary becomes special, or rather, there is now nothing exceptional about antiphilosopuy and its objects: Introduction to Antiphilosophy discusses a dozen or so thinkers — most of zntiphilosophy Western European, most of them unsystematic — since Kierkegaard.

Philosophy is traditionally understood as the search for universal truths, and philosophers are supposed to transmit those truths beyond the limits of their own culture. Karl rated it it was amazing Sep 28, By putting Bakhtin back into his Soviet context and looking closely at Bakhtin’s reading of Nietzsche, Groys offers a startling alternative: Yet there is no Hegelian or Adornian heaviness in someone who can write: Kierkegaard’s Christ, for example, is an ordinary man, and indeed must be an ordinary man in order to be specialand is, as such, a sort of ‘proto-readymade’ p.


Valisa Iskandar rated it it was amazing Dec 09, Thanks for telling us about the problem.

That does not mean that there are not overarching themes, and one of the great strengths of the collection is how Groys brings Russian thinkers into play, into a series of arguments that has often, parochially, been characterised as the free-for-all French versus the logically bean-counting British.

This stems from its pluralist, relativist stance: As a consequence, the theme of anti-philosophy receives no explicit mention in the majority of the essays, though this is not to say that it is not touched upon, at least tangentially, throughout the volume.


In other words, for a true, consistent, anti-philosophy there must be nothing new, nothing that needs to be taught: If the likes of Derrida, for example, were consistent in their philosophical nihilism, then borie would also renounce their own heroic status as master thinkers and, indeed, the practice itself of the discipline as a transcendental, hegemonic discourse whether this is fair, at least to Derrida, is a moot point.

Books by Boris Groys.

As for work by artists with obvious progressive allegiances, the usual approach is to congratulate it for raising political questions but groyx fight shy of definite answers. No trivia or quizzes yet. Antiphilosophy does not abolish philosophical metanoiabut rather democratizes it. Indeed, Deleuze is a very poor exemplar of postmodernism, being a champion of both philosophy in general and metaphysics in particular, and so especially opposed to many of the anti-philosophies professed by both analytic and continental thought.

Jack rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Scintilla rated it liked it Jul 08,