Brooke Gladstone, longtime cohost of On the Media, NPR’s weekly radio show on journalism and media, has turned to comics: The Influencing. Q and A with Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld. First off, Brooke, what is “The Influencing Machine” besides the title of your book? Victor Tausk, one of Freud’s . The Influencing Machine has ratings and reviews. Diane said: Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential elect.. .

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In fact, “everything we hate about the media today was present at its creation: The trouble is that I totally reject the conclusion Gladstone presents, that “We get the media we deserve.

Indeed, in an interview with Gladstone and Neufeld at the PW offices she was about to leave for Egyptshe laughed heartily when we joked that she should call the mchine Understanding Media, in reference to the work of comics’ theoretician Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comicsa celebrated and serious critical examination of the formal elements of the comics medium delivered in the visual language of comics itself.

Much in the vein of Scott McCloud ‘s Understanding ComicsGladstone appears in the book as an illustrated character, taking goadstone reader through two millennia of history — from the newspapers in Caesar’s Rome to the penny press of the American Revolution and the activities of contemporary journalism.

Apr 07, Joella www.

The Influencing Machine

I am deeply disturbed by the role that fake news played in America’s election, and I was glad I found Brooke Gladstone’s book at the gladsotne.

Josh Neufeld has managed to translate Brooke’s vision perfectly in the form of beautiful illustrations sprinkled with generous doses of humour.

This really threw me off, and as she shared anecdotes and opinions I kept thinking, “Yes, but why are you telling me this? No wonder I’m freaking out. Even though the media are mostly corporate-owned, their first allegiance is to their public because, if they lose that allegiance, they lose money.


And so we built the book. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It was quite time-intensive, but in the end it saved me from doing a lot glaestone subsequent revisions.

Although The Influencing Machine is her first comic, Gladstone has been a comics fan since she was a kid: That’s because printers operate at the pleasure of the authorities, and the authorities do not find local coverage pleasurable.

The Influencing Machine by Brooke Gladstone and Josh Neufeld – review | Books | The Guardian

Published inthe book is highly relevant and Everything I’ve been reading lately is a reaction to November’s presidential election — I’m either trying to understand what happened, or I’m trying to brooks from reality. To subscribe, click here. It is us and somewhere in its fogged and cracked mirrors are a reflection of you and me.

Feb 13, Becky rated it it was ok. Worth a read for a fuller, more nuanced look at how journalism shapes perception. In many ways, the collaboration worked pretty typically for the form — the way mainstream comics have been made since the s.

What we can do Three things we should all do to improve the media: Scritto dalla giornalista americana Brooke Gladstone e disegnato da Josh Neufuld, siamo di fronte a un’analisi approfondita dell’etica giornalistica, del modo in cui le notizie vengono scelte, comunicate, approfondite o menoma anche di come i consumatori di notizie influiscono su tali dinamiche di scelta.

Her apparent thesis in the introduction – that consumers and advertisers cause media bias – did not seem to be the guiding thesis of her discussion, which spanned history, psychology, and personal opinion.

But ultimately, I ended up feeling the same way about this book as I do about Brooke Gladstone’s better-known enterprise, the On the Media radio program.


This is very true given the situation today where intluencing believe media is a conspiracy. What a great book. Despite being a graphic novel, the book goes deeper than surface-level on many occasions.

The Media is not a machine. The Influencing Machine The influencing machine is a typical invention of the mind that is trying to explain in a somewhat macchine way how ideas are spreading This book offers a robust opinion on the state of the media and explains why there is still a lot of work to do but no reason to despair.

Interviews/Essays | The Influencing Machine | W. W. Norton & Company

I love the premise but I’m not convinced it was entirely well-written. Some news stories, science stories for instance, never really end. I read it in one sitting and got a lot from it.

But the new book owes quite a bit to another critical work of nonfiction comics. The preliminary work — laying out the whole book with the text slotted into the captions and speech bubbles — gpadstone something I had never done on any previous projects.

Brooke Gladstone on the Media. Feb 05, Agile Kindergarten rated it it was amazing. In other words, the weak-willed lapdogs that we brolke in Washington during Bush’s administration weren’t an exception. We should then embrace better access gladxtone information that technology brought us and learn to handle the glut better. While the book was a graphic novel, it would have been much better if it were a normal text based book.

This page was last edited on 5 Aprilat One of the most intriguing sections deals with bias: