Challenges TODAY. Thank you for choosing Leviton for your network connectivity . . Leviton copper systems combine category-rated performance with high- density, user-friendly designs to deliver Latin America & Mexico. +52 (55) Leviton redefines ROI as Reward of Information with VerifEye™ Submetering Leviton Series Industrial ModBus Meter is available in as an indoor DIN Rail Mexico DF, Mexico CP tel (+52) mx. Country of Origin: Mexico – *Eligible for. ARRA funded projects > $7,, Configuration: Brand Features. Leviton offers a large selection of 15, 20, 30 and

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It will not reset if miswired.

Features and specifications subject to change. Rated V2 Operating Temperature: All Leviton and adapters use the outlet wallplate screws for grounding.

Configurations designed for self-grounding MC Cable. Leviton Manufacturing Co, Inc.

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Coverage Operating Frequency Color. LevSpec is a trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Co. Catallogo gang wallplates available. Rating Receptacle 15AV Feed-through: Subject to change without notice. Canopy and neck allow the Wall-Mount Occupancy Sensor to be installed on the ceiling as well.



Ratings are a permanent part of device Environmental Flammability: These switches are suitable for use in accordance with federal, state, county, municipal and local codes. Green LED indicator light alerts installer to line-load reversal.

Although each individual rocker switch is rated up to 15AV, the total combined load for both cstalogo or all three triplex switches must not exceed 20 AMPS. To order colors, add suffix to Cat No. For technical support call Online catalog available at leviton.

SpecClass is a trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Co.

catálogo – supro panama

Fiberglass Enclosures Raised Cover Series. These devices come in a range of colors and are backed by a limited levitob warranty. Choose the L-3 or L-3 configurations.

Lfviton diagnoses line-load reversal upon installation. Consult factory or www. DIN-Rail mounting with terminal wiring block. They are designed for commercial, industrial and institutional installations. These receptacles are suitable for use in accordance with federal, state, county, municipal and local codes. Ratings and colors as scheduled on plan.


Trip threshold meets or exceeds UL requirements for tripping time.

Supreme Court Cases In Education. Certified for current interrupting at full-rated current Temperature Rise: Decora Plus is a trademark of Leviton Manufacturing Co. To further simplify installation, all components are on a single bus, with accessories connected to the network. This topology free system uses the same wiring type for all SectorFlex components and accessories making it one of the easiest lighting control systems to install.

For installations without downstream receptacles, simplify installation with line leads only. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Built with UV stabilized engineering thermoplastic, the devices have high cold impact resistance and feature stainless steel straps and mounting screws.