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Palaeoenvironmental conditions of conglomerate cementation.

Geological and hydrogeological setting. We suggest that calcite cementation occurred when modest evaporation or degassing of CO 2 occurred, promoting carbonate precipitation.

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A resultant hard water effect would make the apparent age too old, but here, on the contrary, the measured ages turned out much younger than those generally suggested previously Berger et al.

Pleistocene alluvial deposits of the Paziols Basin upstream of the Gouleyrous Gorge. These observations permitted the characterization of the nature of the constituents of the cements and allowed us to select samples on which dating could be carried out.

Several samples were the object of more precise determination in the laboratory microscope examination, determination of carbonate content and X ray diffraction. The pebbles are very heterometric and testify to the high flood discharges. Agrandir Original jpeg, 3,6M.

Agrandir Original jpeg, 2,8M. The perms lack of an ;ermis layer beneath the calcareous conglomerate suggests that the carbonate did not form by the advection of water through the unit. Nearby, two other concentrations of artefacts can relate to the end of the Palaeolithic, but also to the Epipalaeolithic.


Lateral erosion by floods of the Verdouble probably destroyed the Palaeolithic soils and settlements downstream of the Gouleyrous Gorges: This karst is an allogenic system, recharged by both precipitation and river water infiltration through swallow holes. It is a deeply incised gorge with nearly vertical Urgonian calcareous cliff.

CEPC Conf 2015

The surfaces of several pebbles have traces of cement or coating that provide evidence of Fyb reworking. Under these conditions, only the rapid cementation allowed the preservation of the deposits.

In the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge Paziols plain according to the geologic map of Rivesalte Berger et al. These climatic intervals favourable to carbonated cementation were strengthened by ages ceoc obtained from the cements of alluvial conglomerates of another calcareous hillside, that of Roboul, a small tributary of Agly River, near Rivesaltes study in progress by the authors. More commonly, the dated isopachous fringes of calcite cement directly overlie lithoclasts.

In pemis Lumley H. Agrandir Original jpeg, 4,0M. Permis privilege and role management infrastructure standards is a sophisticated policybased authorisation system that implements an enhanced version of the u. Geoscience Canada 10, On the other hand, we can consider that, in both the Museum and Alzine sites, the two distinct generations of cement were able to supply a closely connected and coherent chronology on the basis of a set of four dates.

On no account could permiss real fluviatile terrace morphology be formed, as the repetition of the morphodynamic processes was insufficient; so the accumulation came simply to overlap the hillsides with rather regular slopes.


Numbers 2a and 2b refer to following maps. As software and hardware become prrmis interwoven, new opportunities and challenges emerge. Other lithoclasts are quartz, grey limestones and red Triassic sandstones tab.

Yi Ch, Liu K. Permis supports the distributed assignment of both roles and attributes to users by multiple. The exposures are currently dry and inactive. Homogeneous sparitic cements of the conglomerate fig. Quaternaire, 8, 4, Only the Pleistocene fluviatile deposits are exactly reproduced; the pebble accumulation inner delta fan in the upstream of Gouleyrous Gorge was added by the authors.

In each station, the altitudes of the levels are evaluated with regard to the altitude of the nearby streambed of the Verdouble.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Light reversal of stream gradient Gouleyrous upstream are linked to karstic flow of the river. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology They testify to a rather late karst-induced excavation of the Gouleyrous Gorge and consequently to the ce;c recent connection between the upstream and downstream basins of the Verdouble River.