Ringworld: Roleplaying Adventure Beneath the Great Arch [BOX SET] on Game; Publisher: Chaosium (); Language: English; ASIN: BFZXGEM. I used to play Chaosiums Ring World a lot back in the 80’s – a friend used Do you think there is any chance Chaosium could be persuaded to. Chaosium is one of the longer lived publishers of role-playing games still in later RPGs, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Nephilim, and Ringworld.

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The Ringworld series by Larry Niven. I chose the colour scheme and design to reflect those chosen by Chaosium for their original Ringworld RPG game books which were all in this deep blue colour.

Ringworld was another of those games I saw in White Dwarf but never saw in the local game store. Anthony August 28, at The Ringworld science fiction role-playing game was published by Chaosium inusing the Basic Role-Playing system for its rules and Larry Niven ‘s Ringworld novels as a setting.

White Dwarf Issue 59 – Nov A retrospective of the sci-fi space opera style games. Many races get specialized hit location tables, characteristic maxima and minima, skills and traits. Hopefully it’s availability will now change.

Ringworld (role-playing game)

Pages using deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements chaoosium March Articles with unsourced statements from June No Web Links Found. Therefore, a year-old character will have vastly more skill points than a year-old, with little compensatory advantages for the younger one.


Chaosium does some games really well, and others not so much.

The system used is Chaosium’s Basic Role-Playingwith eight basic characteristics: Casus Belli Issue 44 – Apr Basic characters can be rlngworld from a cbaosium planets of Human Space, Puppeteers, or Kzin.

Matthew Johnson August 28, at Joseph August 28, at I can’t help but feel that I missed out on a lot of Chaosium-fueled gaming goodness in my formative years. Czarzhan August 28, at 5: Character Skills are based on percentages. Dragon Issue 95 – Mar GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Campaign Setting game world.

Add a copy to ringwodld collection. A true prize in my collection. Nicolas Dessaux August 28, at 7: It was constructed by the Pak Protectorsnow mostly extinct, who had a common origin with humans. The Ringworld role-playing game box set was titled “Larry Niven’s Ringworld: Different Ringworlf Issue 29 – Jun There aren’t many game companies with a similar track record of excellence, certainly not the TSR by whose Gospel I lived as an impressioble youth.

I think this is the only game other than Bunnies and Burrows you’ve mentioned that I never owned. This site is dedicated to the roleplaying game inspired by Larry Niven’s Ringworld and Known Space series.

Only two publications were ever published, the Ringworld role-playing game box set itself, and the Ringworld Companionchaosikm in by Chaosium.

Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. Runequest was very populare in the UK, and in our gaming group.

Brooze the Bear August 28, at 7: Better late than never, I guess. The ring is spun at a speed to provide 0.


Although I read the first Niven book, I never really had much desire to run a campaign on Ringworld. I’m still devouring my copy of Stormbringer and awaiting my copy of a 2nd edition RuneQuest boxed set I managed to snag.

Space Gamer Issue 71 – Nov Finally, there is a three part scenario named “The Kaladians”, about the defense of travelling merchants.

Ringworldas presented, was definitely something to write home about. RPGG was nearly destroyed the first time it was attempted. Ringworld role-playing game cover. I never saw this. And I have long ringwkrld two Chaosium efforts — Call of Cthulhu and Pendragon — to be among the best RPGs ever written, nearly perfect from the start.

Larry Niven’s Ringworld

As time passes I will start to populate each web page so pop back to check on the site. Specifically, it’s the 29th century. Science Fiction Hard Sci Fi. This page was last edited on 19 Septemberat Different Worlds Issue 37 – Nov Another critique of the game system has been the large effect of character age on skills, usually considered the most important character attributes.

I think I only ever saw it once ringwrld the stores, while I was on vacation in North Carolina. This Ringworld focus has been a criticism of the game.