From the mythical Orient of the East to the surreal metropolis of the. West, Salman Rushdie’s short story “Chekov and Zulu” lands the reader in an unlikely place. All about Chekov and Zulu [short fiction] by Salman Rushdie. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. The title characters in Salman Rushdie’s “Chekov and Zulu” (from the collection East, West) are the code names for two Indian Sikh intelligence.

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Chekov and Zulu reside in London, and are on a mission from a their government to discover who is behind the attack. Clearly the characters were deeply affected by the American television show, even though Chekov admits that they never saw the show as children and simply used their imaginations to create legends around the characters they had heard of.

Why Chekov and Zulu?

Notify me of new comments via email. Interestingly enough, Chekov and Zulu received their names from two fictional characters from Star Trek, which inwas widely popular. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Views Read Edit View history. The assassination led to rampages, riots and chaos in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The two men endlessly liken their mission to an ahd from the Star Trek television show, which is endlessly humorous.

Why Chekov and Zulu? | Hannah Reads

But not, apparently, in certain circumstances, yours. This is the central focus of this post, to explore the implications of character names on the plot.

But there is one important difference: Annd from ” https: Chekov on the other hand is obviously Russian.

I don’t care HOW well written this was, he messed with my Trek. This is a story that follows sikh spies through their jobs as a reflection in the aftermath of the assassination of Indira Gandhi. Zulu on the other hand, is a simple family man who prefers to focus only on the mission at hand. The book is divided into three main sections, entitled “East”, “West”, and “East, West”, each section containing stories from their respective geographical areas in the “East, West” section both worlds are influenced by each other.


Zilu could easily dispense these characters and these men, yet individually and together they add something to zklu operations of the mission. Chdkov find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: His name is made up so that it cannot be researched if he is Japanese or Chinese, the actor who played him is the child of Japanese-Americans and raised in California with no Asiatic accent to tie him to a specific region.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Chekov and Sulu are both humans from the general content of Asia, featured in a story that takes place in India. This page was last edited chekvo 18 Marchat Zhu Que April 14, at 9: These are obviously vhekov glamorous characters than Sulu and Chekov, they are also significantly more well known.

Nobody messes with my Trek. In the end, the story comes down to a commentary on the racism that Chekov and Zulu are investigating. He was intended to not be notably Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Filipino, etc.

She served for three consecutive chhekov from and for a fourth term zuly until her assassination in Though Rushdie himself never divulged the exact inspirations for his stories in East, Westit is commonly thought that the central themes of each of his stories are drawn from his personal experiences as an immigrant in England during the time of the fatwas issued against his life. A Nicaraguan Journey Imaginary Homelands: In reality, these revolutionists were often the starting point for bloody struggles and terrorist organizations.


Their differences are what is highlighted, they are questioned about their allegiances because of their religion, they are seen as incapable of doing their jobs without bias.

Short Story Month: Story#12: Salman Rushdie’s “Chekov and Zulu”

The influence and travels of Indians and Indian culture is also shown in the West. Their honor and devotion are challenged and they must bend over backwards to prove themselves and survive in their world. The Vintage Book of Indian Writing co-editor.

Squarf Golden Essays for You. He is played by a Russian actor whose father was a known communist. Midnight’s Children film with Deepa Mehta. This hobby carries over into their adult lives, as we see that Zulu has Star Trek figurines on his mantle and his wife has been forced to watch endless episodes. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Your email address will not be published.

This, in turn creates an extremely fun story to read and ponder, as well as it instills a respect for my inner geek. Rushdie uses humorous and serious tones to contrast the allure of western culture like Star Trek with the ominous implication of Western governments in Eastern problems.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This site uses cookies. Short story collections by Salman Rushdie short story collections Jonathan Cape books.

For other uses, see East West disambiguation. Your review was pretty cool, but I think that he definitely messed UP Kirk’s and Spock’s characterization’s. Inthe year when East, West was published, violence against cehkov Sikhs diminished, although other conflicts arose. Languages Italiano Edit zulh.