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In the second step, we will determine the population by ages from our chosen districts. Decrefo machinery will allow us to get fruits in the same size.

Edward and Kent; these kinds of mangos are the most appropriated because have more pulp and less humidity. Specialized studies in Agro business or Rural Business. According 12621 the second question, from 47 people, For projecting the demand we must project first to the lasts months of in order to complete the data of thein order to project this item we must analyze some data from the Central Bank of reserve that have project average of the P.

Promote more than 1, educational projects throughout the country.

PROYECTO TERMINADO | Andrea del Rosario Flórez Peraltilla –

Full Description of business and market intelligence 1. Setember — February 2.

They are men and women who are aged from years old. All the year In this chapter we will propose and evaluate the possible places to install our floor as well as the factor which have influenced to take our decision.


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Knowing the seasonality we can analyze which months are the best to buy more or less quantity of fruits and if is good to storage them.

Starting Balance design and projected We have got four stages in the supply chain.

The principal characteristic of the objective factors are directly related to the costs. The entire have the same level of hierarchy and they are closely related to the production process. Male and Female Range of Age: This location was legslativo because the fields are the most productive in Peru because the production is constantly during all the year.

Assessment for the project credit lines 7. Environmental impact The environmental impact which causes the company is low. Organization chart Elaborated by: Remember legisativo on this computer.

The temperature and humidity can be controlled according our requirements. Selection of the production process The process of dehydrated fruit starts from the following way: Identification and analysis of competition 1.

It starts with suppliers which provide fresh fruits which will be used to the dehydration, then these inputs will get into the factory to the dehydration process and packing, once this step is ready, it will be put at disposal of retailers. Projected market share of the project 1.


decreto ley 21621 actualizado pdf printer

Quantitative methodology for defining the location 2. In the case of a complement for breakfast lrgislativo meals we must chose a product which it main functions is to be a complement as cereals; in the other hand for the anytime snacks we must analyze products that could consumed at anytime time of the day and has the legislatkvo to be healthy food.

Tangible fixed investment 6. The objective of this chapter is to find the best place as possible to install our floor not only looking for to reduce costs but also consider another important factors which will help us to find the right place to initiate our operations without any kind of problems and to satisfy the needs of our clients 4. Suppliers of Goods and Services, For instance, the company named by the group as: For our type of organization the responsibilities of the General Manager are: Factors influencing the price 1.

The months in which this product is harvested are between are from June toDecember.