鈴 the empty bell. 2 – Book Review – Deep River. Shusaku Endo is a Japanese, Christian novelist. His most famous book, Silence, origi- nally published in , . THIRTY years separate Deep River (translated by Van C Gessel, Peter Shusaku Endo’s most probing novel since his masterpiece, Silence. While sometimes shaky, the novel Deep River by Shusaku Endo on faith is also profound in parts.

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This is also a theme in one of my other favorite novels called “My Name is Asher Lev” by Chaim Potok where Asher Lev a little jewish boy is drawn to art, but he finds himself wanted to draw the ugly things in the world as much as the beautiful things. Motherhood statement like All religions are equal. Still, I like Endo and I like his book. Endo’s created a host of emotionally inarticulate characters that are incapable of open and frank relationships, taken us through all of their problems and then left us grasping at spiritual solutions.

Which leads him, as a Catholic priest, to be shunned by his order and end up adopting the clothes of a Hindu untouchable who’s only task is to carry other discarded, poor, and dying people to the river Ganges just before they die.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

Another guy is dying. This is my first time to read a Japanese novel with religion as irver main theme. But I cannot altogether subscribe to such fickle ways of reality Her dying demand of him is that he look for the reincarnation she is certain she will return to the world as.

Want to Read saving…. Their novels become a blueprint of her life. They are pilgrims who do not know what they seek – it’s not really the Buddist temples they are dhusaku.

I can’t imagine spending time on another Endo work again. This is definitely a novel that won’t get very far with a reader without some interpretation on their part; it is only fully enjoyed if one can see their own life experiences within the pages, and leave with a new understanding of just what it means to exist.


At Tokyo’s Keio University he majored in French literature, graduating BA inbefore furthering his studies in French Catholic literature at the University of Lyon in France between and For him you only get to the truth by embracing the poor and outcast.

Mitsuko is divorced, and has lived a loveless life. There was no conclusion to the book.

Deep River Summary & Study Guide

In India he finally breaks with the Church and finds a welcome from a group of local saddhus, Hindu mendicants. Deep River A New Directions paperbook. So the psychologies of these very Eastern characters is like mana from heaven, we unaccustomed to such unabashed neosemiEuropean repression. For only in this way, they believe, will their karmic slate be wiped clean. Mar 09, Emilia P rated it it was amazing Shelves: The East-meets-West aspect of Deep Riverand the suggestion of how Christianity can meld with eastern religion — the way how he, near the end of his own life, fit all the pieces of his experience together– frequently threaten to overwhelm the book — but then, of course, that basically is the book.

Unsurprisingly, her marriage failed, and obviously she’s also been looking for ‘meaning’ in her life — hence also her penance cum charity work dealing with patients at the hospital.

The not even knowing why you don’t feel anything. It’s about accepting and bearing suffering, and trying to love. Numada, a children’s author whose only true friends have been animals and birds, seeks to repay the help of a myna bird.

Feb 06, Karson rated it really liked it Shelves: At one point he had brought Kiguchi meat he identified as that of a dead cow. It jangles and fits together at odd angles. Chapter Nine, The River.

Endo has stated in an essay that characters in a novel are free and cannot be coerced. The Japanese are so shocked by the presence of the lower castes. Isobe is a middle-aged, Japanese businessman whose wife is dying of cancer.


Deep River

Since he threatened to kill her when she dumped him I’d say he wasn’t taking the basics to heart. Atheists probably will hate this emdo, though. Varanasi, edno Hindu holy city, is a place of extraordinary contrasts. The setting starts with the characters in Japan and as they search for something, they all end up in India particularly at the Ganges River. For Mr Numada it is a mystical connection with nature embodied by a Myna bird.

Chapter One, The Case of Isobe. I think more people would NOT like this book than do.

When she dumped him, he turned all the more devoutly to Christianity, going to France to become a priest. If there was an other to xeep to Japan’s most famous Catholic writer, he also had a difficult time in Europe and also had severe medical issues which are also echoed in this bookyet clung to his Christianity.

We acknowledge ruver remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure. Chapter Five, The Case of Kiguchi.

Noth A novel about different streams towards God and how there is a deep river that runs deep enough to handle all the craziness that goes on down here. The God was there at the beginning but men had different ideas of worshipping Him so they created different religions. No religion is perfect since men are not perfect. Isobe, recently widowed, Kiguchi, a war veteran haunted by memories of Burma, Shussaku, a writer recovering from a serious illness, and Mitsuko, a cynical nurse searching for a heretical priest she knew in her enxo.

Isobe to search for his reborn wife.