Hi everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have opinions on the Drawmer M?. Find great deals for Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Drawmer M dynamics processor in excellent little rack rash, very clean, some scratches top and bottom lidOnly minor use in smoke free.

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Drawmer M dynamic processor. June 15, Logged stickman Newbie Offline Posts: TS2 – Stereo Tube Compressor.

The bandwith control allows adjustment of ‘Q’ over the range 0. Many musicians and recordists appreciate the convenience of working with PC soundcards and other computer based packages but remain disappointed with the poor quality of the integral converters and processing. Simultaneous dual stereo outputs at different selectable sample rates from Either the individual channels or the mixed stereo outputs can be routed to the Digital convertors.

Simultaneous analogue outputs are available on balanced XLR. Here is the link to the Drawmer archives that tells you all about it: S2 – Dual Channel Tube Compressor. The M is not digital at all, there is no AD DA conversion going on, its an analog unit, it has drxwmer control and memories, and you can create patches with a compressor, gate, limiter etc, but its all controlling a single VCA, not multiple ones.

All parameters of operation can be adjusted by a single rotary encoder. Microphones are analog, speakers are analog, storage is mostly a digital affair, and signal processing can reside in either the analog or digital realm, depending on whether the processing is software or hardware based.

Drawmer M500 Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander

Most 24 bit A – D converters are hard pushed to give 19 bit resolution – the other five bits are essentially marketing bits. V-AIR – A dynamic high frequency enhancer to keep compressed audio sounding fresh and bright with continuously variable frequency control Hz to 20kHz and variable level to control the amount of V-AIR enhancement.

No customer comments for the moment. The MX40 Pro packs four channels of high power Drawmer gating into a single rack space, with controls and indicators designed to make set up faster and easier.


moosers’s review – Drawmer M – Audiofanzine

I can’t make it doing anything remotely musical, though on these rare occasions it works it sounds better than at least all the “budget” compressors except RNC. The Drawmer Six-Pack is a single 3U unit that will provide dynamics control in any format from mono to 5. If you don’t get an e-mail with your access data, please make sure that you have already registered with us.

Digital overload is impossible. In case you still have problems logging in, please turn to us by e-mail: The Tube Stations’ signal path and associated circuitry is specifically designed to capture the magic of tubes and maximise the signal level at the point of analogue to digital conversion – thereby committing the widest possible dynamic range into the digital domain. The Drawmer DF drawmwr a single ended noise reduction system which does not require any previous encoding. Logged holm Newbie Offline Posts: Account Account My account My order history My wish list.

This makes it possible to have a main output sample rates of up to kHz with another running at Add to my wishlist. Expander deawmer eliminate low level noise. Eight element GR meter.

The MX40 Pro features proprietary ‘Peak Punch’ circuitry which adds unique dynamic enhancement to the leading edge of percussive material, adding true ‘punch’ to the performance. The traditional professional solution has been to use an expensive master clock that drives all the digital equipment in the studio, but in many different types of studios there are often pieces of equipment that don’t have wordclock inputs such as consumer CD players, MD recorders, DAT machines and budget computer soundcards.

So what you hear is what you get – precisely. This in our view, gave the best of both worlds; the smoothness of purely passive filtering combined with the low noise, low distortion amplification which can only be accomplished using recent technology.

Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander | eBay

Input Level 5m00 and stereo balance. The Drawmer E was a four stage, single channel passive equaliser, followed by a stage of makeup gain to make up for the insertion loss of passive circuitry. The same tap on both channels produces a mono output whilst different taps produce stereo images. All parameters of operation can be adjusted by a single rotary encoder. As a result the inexperienced user gains drawmeer benefits of Drawmer quality and performance, combined with lower cost and simplicity of operation.


The compressor section had threshold down to dB, ratio of drawmrr Digital Gain with four mode limiter for max level. Intelligence to prevent ‘parameter abuse’. The Drawmer DL was a dual channel hard knee compressor with limiter. An example of this is when old recordings are remastered for CD.

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It has many features, it is all digital inside, has compressor, limiter, de-esser, gate, can be used as stereo or dual mono, has fast and slow modes, auto gain compensation. Only some items on stock – order quickly!

But otherwise, it’s a great box In the Auto mode the unit is capable of tracking the signal level thereby enabling the filter to continue to operate successfully during fade ups and downs. DC – Digital Mastering Processor. You’ll find you’re no longer having to switch equipment between internal and external sync as you repatch – and the M-Clock’s ultra-precision, low-jitter clock helps maintain optimum stereo imaging, lower noise and lower distortion.

Analogue to digital mastering, reducing tape hiss and noise resulting from high gain and high frequency boost on mixing consoles. The MX40 Pro Punch Gate is a high performance, simple to use 1U four channel noise gate that offers the same extraordinary sonic character, ingenuity, and high technical specification that have made Drawmeg the world standard in gating technology.

Drawwmer LED display of limiter activity. Linear power supply to minimise interference with the internal clocks.

With M-Clock, all your ‘pro’ and consumer digital equipment can run in the same system, locked to the same clock, with no worries about finding a suitable sync source.

Although a wide range of manual control is available, all Expanders and Compressors are programme adaptive, taking account of the dynamics of the signal being processed.