Publicada por aclamación pública en Argentina, El anatomista de Federico Andahazi lleva a los lectores a Venecia en el siglo XVI. Pues este es. And only now Federico Andahazi dares to reveal the major mystery. Como en Las Piadosas, El Anatomista (que fue antes) es una novela con descripciones. anatomista [la historia del descubrimiento que pudo revolucionar el amor]. User Review – Not Available – Book Verdict. Mateo Colon, an anatomist of the.

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Nope, not a fan. And, of course, that fair breakthrough concerned the fair sex. The writer, from Argentina, seems to have the same fluidity as a number of other excellent writers from there. The writing is luscious in its descriptiveness. Mar 25, Kate rated it it was ok Shelves: With a prose that does not forget the novelist, the author conducted this first volume in an exhaustive investigation that starts from the original cultures and reaches the May Revolution. But as far as historical-literary-medical-religious smut, this book is rather balanced.

Just as America wasn’t “discovered” until Colombus – the Vikings never got there, and hey, the Native Americans actually living there wouldn’t have figured it out either.

If you appreciate and are interested in the way anatomists thought during the 16th century then this is a book you will enjoy. His is a crime of disclosure, heinous and heretical in the Church’s eyes, in that his research threatens to subvert the whole secular order of Renaissance society.

Put modern day sensibilities away wh After reading some of the reviews, Fedeirco say “don’t shoot the messenger”.


El Anatomista

Is homosexuality a myth then? Women were demonized if this tale is historically accurate.

The translation did the job—nothing flashy; Andahazi’s Joycean riffs on the mammamatrixmostmysterious must’ve been excised—was most effective in the philosophy bits, which were the most “sexy” whereby “sexy” refers to a beautifully-formed but wholly-sexist argument. Colombo and others, including the narrating voice talk about this like it’s a simple button snatomista controlling a woman, and fedfrico just proves that she has no soul and is just body because her orgasm can’t create life, whereas a man’s can.

Well, of course no woman over the several millennia leading up to Colombo’s “discover” would have ever figured this out for herself. He used to escape from school, that reflected the oppressive military dictatorship ruler, to meet with friends in bookstores and bars on Corrientes Andzhazi, emblematic place of Buenos Aires culture. During his adolescence, he began to read the classical Argentine and universal authors.

Preview — The Anatomist by Federico Andahazi. Bola de fuego empantanada: I have no idea why I got it for years ago – obviously for some reason I thought I wanted to read it. feferico

El Anatomista – Federico Andahazi – Google Books

One of the blurbs on the back cover of this claim that Andahazi’s book falls between The Alchemist and the Name of the Rose and Perfume. I was fascinated, creeped out and amused–quite the combination and quite the book.

A lyrically written, sensual, and extraordinarily enjoyable novel in which a Renaissance anatomist’s astonishing discovery forever changes the female erotic universe. The Renaissance is on, but there’s still belief in witchcraft and demons, women are very much second class citizens and viewed as inferior to men. It made no mention of her tiny hands that seemed hardly large enough to encircle a male organ, anfahazi of her diminutive mouth whose cavity one would have thought unable to receive a fully engorged member.


When the postmodern author decides to have a literary outing into the history, the andahazo is usually not too complimentary for the historic science.

Por momentos te olvidas que lo escribio un autor argentino. May 1 9 22 May 04, Fair enough, people thought like that back then, but characters fererico presented to give you no other argument or to suggest that it might be wrong. And so it is with The Anatomist — a tale of the grand anatomic discovery. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Andahwzi were several scenes in this book that will offend, titillate, and make you either laugh or want to throw up.

Nor did it mention her whorish talents, capable of arousing even an enfeebled old man. Based on historical fact, The Anatomist is an utterly fascinating excursion into Renaissance Italy, as evocative of time and place as the work of Umberto Eco, and reminiscent of the earthy sensuality of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That is to say, six ducats more expensive than the legendary Lenna Grifa.

Eh, not a bad read. Lo novedoso es el tema y la forma en que el autor nos lo presenta. Women do not particularly benefit from the discovery.