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Back in the third edition of Warhammer 40,Games Workshop released Codex: Unfortunately, not all of them made it out of the Segmentum Obscurus in time, and many of the Craftworlds were caught in the creation of the Eye of Terror just as the hedonists were.

40K: Top 5 “Other” Eldar Craftworlds – Bell of Lost Souls

Disaster fanned the flames of their arrogance where it had doused them in others. It is largely these seemingly arbitrary conflicts that have earned the Eldar their reputation for random and capricious behaviour. Faolchu’s Wing “Overall” General. Take a few full-size squads and they’re going to a pain for your opponent to kill.

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Yme-Loc Eldar are talented artisans, and their armies are supported by powerful Engines of Vaul and Titans. M41, Craftworld Iyanden came to Malan’tai to see if they could find anything of use to help with repairs of their home after their recent battle with Hive Fleet Krakenbut instead, they found the abandoned Craftworld swarming with vile Orks.

Yet the Eldar were forced to retreat from the Imperial forces’ onslaught in order to better defend the Craftworld’s Infinity Circuit and its elear cities. Well, the unit is definitely cool. Ads by Project Wonderful! Each Craftworld is a self-sufficient, independent realm with its own distinctive culture.


Every Eldar of a Craftworld is a highly trained warrior – in battle these citizen-soldiers are known as Guardiansforming the Craftworld’s defensive militia. An Eldar Guardian of the Alaitoc Craftworld.


Ten thousand years later in M41Abaddon the Despoiler emerged from the insane reality of the Eye of Terrorat the eldqr of the Thirteenth Black Crusade. Any unit which cannot be mounted on Jetbikes or do not have a fast form of movement such as Warp Jump generators or Swooping Hawks wings is normally given a Wave Serpent transport. Taking with them any Eldar who still remained sane, the Craftworlds fled the heart of the Eldar civilization, along with works of art, plant life and animals, and whatever else of Eldar culture that craaftworlds be saved.

These colossal spacecraft would travel across the galaxy using the Eldar Webwaytrading with the many intelligent alien races they encountered before returning craftworkds later to the Eldar homeworlds.

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Although I have heard of people complaining about taking the paint scheme of 1 craftworld and playing the rules for another, remember that minor or homebrew craftworlds can take the special of one of the big ones.

This page was last modified on 21 Decemberat Just to set my brain straight, the BT shuriken reroll is only for aspect warriors? The Iyanden Craftworld was once one of the largest and most prosperous of all the remaining Eldar Craftworlds. Ultimately, this would be to the Eldar’s benefit, for the amount of time spent between Eldar worlds allowed the Eldar on the Craftworlds to see just how far their people had fallen into hedonism.

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Biel-Tan is renowned for the strong warrior ideals of its people. There are no complicated combinations like grenades of the Death Guard. Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Upon reaching physical maturity a Biel-Tan Eldar becomes an Aspect Warrior, and only once he has fulfilled this role can he continue along the Path of the Eldar. The way its worded in the codex i cant figure if the required keyword is aspect warrior or biel-tan. Constant risk and warfare has hardened this Craftworld’s citizens to hardship.

Yet they have also made powerful allies within the Imperium, such as the ancient and wealthy House Belisarius of Terraone of the families of the Navis Nobilitehaving saved this house of Navigators ‘ fortune and honour in times long past. Plague Planet – Sortiarius. During an invasion of the Craftworld, Heartseeker managed to possess an Avatar of Khaine.

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I do recommend painting something to differentiate the craftworlds you choose. So, swords may be even better than the axes.

Through this opening, Maugan Ra counter-invaded the Eye to undertake a quest in search of the craftworldd of his people. Through his wisdom, the warriors of Mymeara learned how to combine the aspects of stealth, speed, and firepower to decimate their foes and soon set about clearing a safe path through the galaxy for their world-vessel.