Eliphas Levi. Dogma et Part II: The Ritual of Transcendental Magic. By Eliphas Levi (Alphonse Louis Constant) From the standpoint of the tribe of Levi, the Great Magical Dogma of the hierarchy and of universal analogy, the kabalistic . ignorant of the high meaning of their symbols than are the rabbins of the Sepher . Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (English: Dogma and Ritual of High Magic) is the title of Éliphas Lévi’s first published treatise on ritual magic, which. Éliphas Lévi Zahed, born Alphonse Louis Constant (February 8, – May 31, ), was a . The magic propagated by Éliphas Lévi became a great success, especially after his death. . of Dogma of High Magic by Éliphas Lévi; Transcendental Magic, its Doctrine and Ritual (Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie) trans.

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Magick dobma Theory and Practice. About this book, which may be called the keystone of the whole edifice of occult science, are grouped innumerable legends which are either its partial translation or its commentary renewed endlessly under a thousand different forms. This evil is the last reflection or imperfect mirage of light in shadow. What, moreover, is wisdom? The lady, it may be added, had other domestic adventures, ending in a second marriage about the year The insertion of the vertical phallus into the horizontal cteis forms the stauros of the Gnostics, or the philosophical cross of masons.

Christ did not put his teaching into writing, and only revealed it in secret to his favoured disciple, the one kabbalist, and he a great gigh, among the apostles. To know how to suffer, to forbear, and to die such are the first secrets which place us beyond reach of affliction, the snd of the flesh, and the fear of annihila- tion.

The Inner Mysteries of Qabalism. Thus, the fabulous history of the Golden Fleece both dogmq and veils the Hermetic and magical doctrines of Orpheus, and if we recur only to the mysterious poetry of Greece, it is be- cause the sanctuaries of Egypt and India to some extent dis- may us by their resources, and leave our choice embarrassed in the midst of such abundant wealth. In analogical and universal dynamics one leans only on that which resists.


To doubt is to become a fool ; to pause is to fall ; to recoil is to eitual one’s self into an abyss. What is taking place in the world, and why do priests and potentates tremble?

Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie – Wikipedia

It has more than one analogy with the Cherub of Ezekiel. But there is one, and the last of all, which must not be made known, the reason, according to Hermes Tris- megistus, being the malcomprehension of the vulgar, who would ascribe to the necessities of science the immoral aspect of blind fatality. To rituak at first sight the deep things of the souls of men and the mysteries of the hearts jigh women. The duad is the generator of society and of law ; it is also the number of the gnosis.

In both cases, and quite naturally, he failed. The great magical secret is, therefore, the lamp and dagger of Psyche, the apple of Eve, the sacred fire of Anv, the burning sceptre of Lucifer, but it is also the holy cross of the Eedeemer. The Gnostics and Their Remains. Meditations on the Tarot. The Secret Doctrine Complete.

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It is well known that persons with amputated limbs feel pain in the very members which they possess no longer. In the same way, the philosophical triad, emanating from the antagonism of the duad, is completed by the tetrad, the four-square ground of all truth. To be acquainted with the laws of perpetual motion and in a position to demonstrate the quadrature of the circle. Part of a series on. The term, however, requires explanation. To yield to the forces of nature is to follow the stream of collective life, and to be the slave of secondary causes.

We do not brave but are resigned to them. Thus, in the opinion of the kabbalists, the name of the demon or of evil is composed of the same letters as the name of God or good- ness, but spelt backwards. Thereby many celebrated hiero- phants, such as Mercurius Trismegistus, Osiris, Orpheus, Apollonius of Tyana, and others whom it might be danger- ous or unwise to name, came after their death to be adored and invoked as gods.

Full text of “Transcendental magic, its doctrine and ritual”

Divinity, one in its essence, has two essential conditions as the fundamental grounds of its being necessity and liberty. Thus, two things which resemble one another and the word which signifies their resemblance make three.

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Rritual divined what was man and he put out his own eyes because he did not see what was God. By the direction of this agent it is possible to change the very order of the seasons ; to produce at night the pheno- mena of day ; to correspond instantaneously between one extremity of the earth and the other ; to see, like Apollonius, what is taking place on the other side of the world ; to heal or injure at a distance ; to give speech an universal success and reverberation.

Ceremonial for the Resurrection of the Dead rirual for Eliphs The Science of Breath. Addha-Nari, grand Indian Pantacle. This ambient and all- penetrating fluid ; this ray loosened from an sun’s splendour, and fixed by the weight of the atmosphere and the power of central attraction ; this body of the Holy Spirit, which we term the universal agent, while it was typified by the ancients under the symbol of a serpent devouring his tail ; this electro-magnetic ether, this vital and luminous caloric, is depicted in archaic monuments by the girdle of Isis, twice- folded in a love-knot round two poles, as well as by the serpent devouring his own tail, emblematic of prudence and of Saturn.

Imagination applied to reason is genius.

Clairvoyance and Occult Dogms. But it is a tradition in the Church that the manifestation of these mysteries is held over to the last times.

Now, what is a principle? In his hymn to the royal Sun, the Emperor Julian gives a theory of the triad which is almost identical with that of the illuminated Swedenborg. We appreciate your feedback. These are the three prime substances, and the occult names of Archeus and Magi have the same significance as the Sulphur and Mercury of the Philosophers. The book which we have mentioned, the hieratic characters of which we shall explain subse- quently, that book which William Postel names the Genesis of Enoch, certainly existed before Dog,a and the prophets, whose doctrine, fundamentally identical with that of the ancient Egyptians, had also its exotericism and its veils.