The 90 day game plan was developed by Eric Worre in September of Eric Worre is a network marketing Professional who has made over 15Million Dollars . 90 day Game Plan Commitment and Criteria September 9 December 9 Eric Worre built a $15m network marketing empire, as a result of 5x 90 day . I have been following you and Eric Worre on the topic and I’m in I am also launching a 90 day game plan in October, and would like a copy or.

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Looking forward to hearing the results!

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

Hey Ray, your post inspired me to create an activity tracker for me and my team. Looking forward to the 90 day challenge. Please … share with me also the days activity tracker!!!

Your daily contributions are something I look forward to. Posted a comment below, but Ray, this activity tracker idea is the best! Thanks Ray, Need all the lp I get get to stay on track.

Thank you for your enthusiasium! For example, those in my team are working toward qualifying for our national expansion team as well as win a 7 day, 6 night cruise on Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas. You are a true icon. I am so ready to start my 90 day Blitz in my new venture. I will be employing it as we go through these next 90 days. You make this industry better, and I appreciate that. Crazy momentum after 90 days, and paychecks like I’d never seen, this can send a company into vertical growth!


One of the critical keys to the success of the 90 Day Game Plan, is the Pre-Launch period, which is the days before you actually have your Launch date.

Activity Tracker For a 90 Day Blitz

Reading your blog post Ray, has prompted me to start my own 90 Qorre challenge and give my business the boost it needs. If you would like to be part of our next 90 Day Game Plan, be sure to send me an email, or contact me directly eri phone. This is very interesting, You are a very skilled blogger. That would be awesome Ray.

I was doing Network Marketing on a very part time basis until in when I was really doing it full time. I’m totally a checklist kind of girl! Keep up the good work! Thanks for wrre tracker!

I feel empowered by you leading us! You are an inspiration…keep up the great work! This will help you with an activity tracker and lay the track for you to run on. This is awesome stuff! Comment Name required Email will not be published required Website. Sarah Bailey Erlc 26, at I can’t wait to get your tracker and so I can share with my team too! Hello, Thanks a lot for this post. Excellent tips for goal-oriented success! Yep being accountable to yourself is important for your overall success.

Ray, This was so much help. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I want to be able to track my marketing activities but am a little overwhelmed.


Erkc means, no TV, no movies, no dwy around, no golf outings, and you may have to sacrifice some family time, just for this 90 day period, because it can set you up for the rest of your life.

Ray, thanks for being so generous and offering your activity tracker to people who aren’t even part of your downline… your’e awesome!

I need this activity tracker badly. Now I have something to work with for my 90 day blitz. Thanks for your leadership, Ray, and all that you qorre An activity tracker keeps you in check. Higdon is certainly an icon in this industry. I DO appreciate you, Ray! Keep on helping us, it is your gift to the world!

You 09 to have a sense of where everyone on the team is skill wise and how to help them improve.

Brilliant Post — Thank you for sharing. So glad to be able to help Zahra! Are you ready to stop crawling through MLM?

This will be a Great tool to share with my team Tahnks Chery. This is exactly what I have been looking for thanks Ray! Will be rounding up some Blitzers to rock this llan. This is exactly what I desperately need. I would be honored to be able to use the same Daily Activity Tracker and Log.