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In general, it must be said that every reading must contain an application Commenting on Gadamer, Grondin points out that a distinctive feature of humanism is not to produce measurable results, but rather to contribute to training If one of the two is not, the subject becomes complicated, but that does not mean that there is no practical truth, since everything that is good can be measured in terms of what Aristotle calls things that are good in themselves, 41 here qualified under current usage as basic human goods This work is part of the El discurso de los bioderechos.

As Aristotle states elsewhere, the incontinent and the bad man obtain from reasoning that which they propose to see, so that they will have consulted rightly, but have procured for themselves a great evil. The nature and dignity of the human person as the foundation of the right to life: Yet while this may help us discard solutions based on unjustified prejudice, it does not determine a concrete solution. Determining what is lacking in this requires interpretation.

Libro VI, 5, b It is thanks to this that an intersubjective agreement is possible. And in the opinion of Julian de Toledo, the narration of triumphs comes to the aid of virtue, emphasizing in general the importance of the narration of the facts of the past for the present But it is an active listening that takes place through dialogue. In the field of the humanities, dialogue is directed at the discovery of things.

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That is why we will not make good politicians: This rejection of an applied ethics is a general feature of all hermeneutic approaches to clinical ethics. Similarly, in the world of law, the just is the person who wants to give to each their own. In short, medicine participates to some extent as phronesisbut for the above reasons — it is directed at nicomacco particular good and at another subject hredos it seems to be closer to the techne.

You cannot understand the other if you do not understand the world. The question is why it occurs. Pre-understanding is not merely an act of subjectivity, but is determined from the community that unites us with tradition. In his view, the aim of all understanding and of any consensus based on it is agreement on the thing itself.

This consists of an anticipation of meaning which guides understanding in an inescapable manner, as it constitutes a structural ontological moment of such comprehension The humanities have the ability to contribute to the integral formation of a person and we must not forget that, unlike the facere of technology, the whole being of a person participates in the agere of prudence.

The patient is the one who desires health; the doctor, the individual who knows how to recover it. Leder realizes that one cannot remain in an endless state of interpretation, but that cases must be resolved.


In his view, there is a basis for overcoming editoriak, which is the shared tradition. Libro I, 6, b Therefore, in general, little dialogue between doctor and patient is necessary. It is a dialogue that enhances understanding and shows the importance of humanistic training for the prudent individual who must make decisions.

It is not that I impose myself, or that another imposes himself, as in a relationship of power. Thus, hermeneutics is conceived of as an act of interpretation across boundaries 3. As Aristotle points out, prudence deliberates on hicomaco is good and convenient for oneself There is a hermeneutic dimension to the doctor-patient relationship.


And, as he points out in another context, understanding a text and agreeing in a conversation have something in common: For these authors, it is important to note that the doctor shares with the patient a mortal body, which is also vulnerable. Secondly, because the contexts of the interpretation of doctor and patient are different and, so therefore, are their preconceptions.

Training is not experience, which is a lived knowledge, but it can be updated and refreshed like experience if the humanities are seen as moral sciences, the understanding of which constitutively involves their application to the present.

In fact, through dialogue, the doctor — or the patient — is able to understand the motives of the patient — or the doctor — greddos, through this understanding, question their own motives, discovering the prejudices that have given rise to them.

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Toward a hermeneutical bioethics. Libro VI, 13, b According to Gadamer, what the tool of method does not achieve must — and really can — be achieved by a discipline of asking and inquiring, a discipline that guarantees the truth But it is not just about listening to the patient.

Secondly, because the contexts of the interpretation of doctor and patient are different and, so therefore, are their preconceptions; Moral experience primarily involves feelings. Some notes on the contribution of the narrative approach to the decision making process in healthcare ethics, pro manuscripto: