An Arabic-English Lexicon: Derived from the Best and the Most Copious This is the Text Version of Lane, An Arabic English Lexicon converted into text from. آ. ب. ت. ث. ج. ح. خ. د. ذ. ر. ز. س. ش. ص. ض. ط. ظ. ع. غ. ف. ق. ك. ل. م. ن. ه. و. ى. Resize=>. 8 vols · Download Arabic Font. Contents. Lexicon. (click on letters). Titles &. Edward William Lane’s Arabic-English Lexicon (Dictionary). Regarded as the best Arabic-English lexicon in the world, and now available FREE. Online in PDF .

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Those later volumes are sketchy and full of gaps.

On Sundays he never allowed himself, however much pressed for time, to continue his week-day work; nor did he like Sunday visitors. Thus the work has never been completed. His high and pure soul shone in his countenance, in his Manner, in his every word. His early training had led him to regard Sunday as a day to be set apart for the things of religion, and his long sojourn in the East had in no -rise weakened this feeling.

Set of two volumes. Hence it was a matter of great consequence to gather together any manuscripts that could be bought in Cairo”. On all other days he devoted himself uncompromisingly to the preparation of his Lexicon.

Arabic-English Lexicon – THE ISLAMIC TEXTS SOCIETY

Lane was the third son of the Rev. Retrieved from ” https: If you are interested in supporting the activities of arabci Islamic Texts Society, please visit the Support Us page. Lane translates these definitions into English, and he carefully notes which dictionaries are giving which definitions.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. On Knowledge Of The Unique A total of 2, pages were proofread by Lane himself.

Arabic-English Lexicon

Lane set to work at once, making his third voyage to Cairo to collect materials in the same year. Set of two volumes. The acquisition of materials, which took 13 years, [3] was left in the hands of Al-Dasuqi when Lane returned to England in Instead, the definitions are taken from older Arabic dictionaries, eenglish medieval Arabic dictionaries. It is a work of such unique greatness that, since its first appearance almost years ago, it has remained to this day supreme in the field of Arabic lexicography.

Arabic-English Lexicon (2 Volumes Set – E. W. LANE)

Except on Fridays, Lane denied himself to everybody, unless unusual circumstances made the interruption a necessity. Now, for the first time, the Islamic Texts Society has, with no loss whatsoever of clarity or legibility, brought together the eight large volumes into two compact volumes; it is now possible to keep the Arabic-English Lexicon on the work desk and refer to it with ease. Theopilus Lane, and grandnephew leicon Gainsborough on his mother’s side.

It was published in eight volumes during the second half of the 19th century. From an early breakfast to near midnight he was always at his desk, the long hours of work being broken only by a few minutes for wnglish he allowed himself no more – and a scanty half-hour of exercise, spent in walking up and down a room or on the terrace on the roof. Quotes from inside the book:. Now, for the first time, the Islamic Texts Society has, with no loss whatsoever of clarity or legibility, brought together the eight large volumes into two compact volumes; it is now possible to keep the Lexicon on the work desk and refer to it with ease.


Quotes from inside the book: In total, lexicographic sources are cited in the work.

As a registered charity, the Islamic Texts Society is dependent on the financial support of its readers and of all those who share its e.w.lwne vision to achieve its aims and objectives. General Titles on Islam. As it originally appeared and was later reproduced, the Lexicon consisted of eight large, cumbersome volumes, which made it difficult to use.

However, his health soon deteriorated. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Notify me when available.

If you are ordering this title outside of the UK, please contact us about shipping charges. Arabic-English Lexicon 2 Volumes Since the Muslim scholars there were reluctant to lend manuscripts to Lane, the acquisition of materials was commissioned to Ibrahim Al-Dasuqi —a graduate of Azhar and a teacher in Boulaq. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Back to England, Lane continued to work on the dictionary with zeal, complaining that he was so used to the cursive calligraphy of his Arabic manuscripts that the Western print strained his eyes.

Arabic-English Lexicon (2 Volumes Set – E. W. LANE) available at Mecca Books the Islamic Bookstore

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Related The Pure Intention: Views Read Edit View history. In total, the First Division comprises 3, pages. No scholar or group of scholars has englissh anything to supplant it.

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