FM (FM )/ MCWP 7/AFMAN/ NAVSEA SSAF- MMO STATIC LINE PARACHUTING TECHNIQUES AND TRAINING. Field manual contains basic and advanced training and techniques for static line parachuting. It is designed to standardize procedures for initial. Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training April TC (FM 3- ) / MCWP / AFMAN / NAVSEA SSAF-MMO

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Their positions are indicated in Figure page Both jumpers remain where they are and activate their reserves for a partial malfunction. They accomplish the rest of the shakeout by taking the following steps: Eighth Jump Command Stow loop panel used to retain the suspension lines.

Full text of “Static Line Parachuting Techniques and Training”

Effectively, the jumper drags the parachute behind him, causing the upward-rushing wind to force open and inflate the canopy. Prejump Training Donning the Ballistic Helmet. He extends and joins the fingers and thumb of each hand, rotates the hands so the palms face up, and then raises the arms straight overhead, keeping the elbows locked Figure Try a larger shell size if smaller pads do not work.

The farther down the toggle is pulled, the faster the turn. Turning the feet toward the direction of drift.

Static line

CH Chinook They do not change sections or switch sides of the apparatus unless directed to by an instructor. Do not hesitate upon landing.


When the balls of your feet make contact with the ground, several actions occur at the same time: The heat generated by the friction of the fabric being rolled causes the nylon to fuze and blocks the air channel in the canopy.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Depending on the jumper’s total weight, its rate of descent varies from 15 to 22 feet per second.

Static line – Wikipedia

C Jumpmaster Checklist Part Five. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. If obstacles trees, water, or high tension wires cannot be avoided, the parachutist takes the following precautions. Winds on the drop zone may cause a parachutist to be injured from being dragged along the ground.

He seats himself well into the saddle. The tower is a primary training apparatus to help teach basic jump techniques and points of performance. It has a 4,pound breaking strength and 30 percent minimum elongation.

Life Preservers APFT standards for the to year-old level. He keeps his equipment attached. On this parachute, the suspension lines serve three purposes: B-5 Life Preserver A descending parachute causes an area of partial air compression immediately below the canopy and an area of partial vacuum and descending turbulent air above the canopy.

He should be the most senior officer or NCO on the mound on each side 2 total. Canopy Release Assembly Activation He releases the other leg ilne in the same manner. On the command SLIP TURN for MCl-seriesthe student assumes a landing attitude by simulating the grasping of a set of risers opposite the direction of drift and pulling down into his chest with his head and eyes on the horizon, back straight, elbows tight into the side, and feet and knees together.


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Advanced Combat Helmet Front It weighs about 12 pounds, has a combined shelf life and service life not to exceed Door Check Procedures Methods of Delivery Number 1 and number 2 then change positions and repeat steps 1 through 6. The parachutist forms a bight of about 6 inches in the static line by making one fold and grasping the loop at eye level about 6 inches to the front Figure Just before cm makes contact with the parchuting, he brings his hands up in front of his head and elbows in front of his chest while he parachutinf to grasp the risers Figure He keeps his feet and knees together and prepares to make a good PLF should he pass through the trees.

The jumper’s actions are as follows: Then he prepares to make the appropriate PLF. Lateral Drift Apparatus