Garet Garrett’s The People’s Pottage: The Revolution Was, Ex America, The Rise of Empire [Garet Garrett, Ian Hutton] on *FREE* shipping on. by Garet Garrett. DIGG THIS · Buy this book. There are those who still think they are holding the pass against a revolution that may be coming up the road. by GARET GARRETT. Part 1 (The Revolution Was & Problem One). Copyright those who have brought about revolution in the state.” Worse outwitted.

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Partly it was imaginary money, from inflation. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Trivia About Garet Garrett’s T Opposite and violently hostile gxrrett were represented by the same word signs. It required separate measures affecting different subjects; but all of them component parts of a fairly definite broad plan.

Each new agency had the authority to issue rules and regulations having the force of law. As was said before, in no problem to be acted upon by the New Deal was it true that one solution and one only was imperative. But the one indispensable ingredient is economic distress, and, if there is enough of that, the ths will take care of itself.

One would be the precedent of making the federal government divider of the national income; another would be to make both the farmer and the union wage earner dependent upon the government — the farmer for his income and union labor for its power. The government’s continued garertt spending, with enormous additions to the public debt, was not what it seemed. One effect was that private borrowing and lending, except from day to day, practically ceased.

Garet Garrett’s The People’s Pottage: The Revolution Was, Ex America, The Rise of Empire

One ought to read it, perhaps, just to know. Adriana Williams rated it really liked it Sep 18, The fourth line was a doctrine invented and promulgated by New Deal economists — the doctrine of perpetual unlimited public debt.

To Capture the Seat of Government Problem 2: Retrieved January 1, The amount of capital stock was in each case nominal; it was of course expansible to any degree. The revolution is behind them. These five would have a certain imperative order in time and require immediate decisions because revolutino belong to the program of conquest.

Secondly, by suggestion that in the modern environment the individual, through no fault or weakness of his own, had become helpless and was no longer able to cope with the adversities of circumstances. In the welfare gaget pressure groups, representing wilful political action, cannot be tolerated. Well, the rest is simple because the method was simple.


But in the event that Congress shall fail … and in the event that the national emergency is still critical … I shall ask Congress for the one remaining instrument to meet the crisis — broad executive power to make war against the emergency, as great as the power that would be given to me if we were in fact invaded by a foreign foe.

The revolution is behind them. Two, by enormous grants in tue out of the federal Treasury to the states on condition in every case that the states conform to federal policies, the state governments, under popular pressure to accept federal funds because they looked like something for nothing, finding it very difficult to refuse.

There was no day, no hour, no celebration of the event — and yet definitely, the ultimate power of initiative did pass from the hands of private enterprise to government.

The Revolution was – Garet Garrett – Google Books

Skip to main content. This was expounded by Hitler in Mein Kampf, where he said, “It is part of the genius of a great leader to make adversaries of different fields appear as always belonging to one category. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Tim rated it it was amazing Nov 27, The same thing had te to us before, once or twice in every twenty years, and always before the cure had brought itself to pass as it was bound garwt do again.

And this was so for gaeet reasons, namely: Unconsciously business concedes the fact when it talks of a mixed economy, even accepts it as inevitable. Once the government, on ground of public policy, has assumed the responsibility to provide people with buying power when they are in want of it, or when they are unable to provide themselves with enough of it, according to a minimum proclaimed by government, it will never be the same again.

The eighth would be to sustain popular faith in an unlimited public debt, for if that faith should break aws government would be unable to borrow; if it could not borrow it could not tue and the revolution must be able to borrow and spend the wealth of the rich or else it will be bankrupt. It has become in fact a science — the science of political dynamics. In this category, its principal works were these: Whenever necessary to the end in view we shall also buy or sell gold in the world market.


This law made sure devolution the Treasury need not be caught that way again. We seldom hear a demand that the powers with which Congress is vested by the Constitution be transferred in revolition to the executive branch of our government, and that Congress be adjourned in perpetuity. That was called the rubber stamp Congress.

Garet Garrett

It did not dare to pass it. Anybody with proper security to pledge could borrow from the reservoir to extend his plant, start a new enterprise, build a house, or what not. Views Read Edit View history.

Each step as it occurred was defended, and therefore attacked, on ground of monetary policy, whereas the ultimate meaning was not there at all. But whether it was a fallacy or not would be entirely a question of the point of view. In his annual message to Congress the president said, “In the past few months, as a result of our action, we have demanded of many citizens that they surrender certain licenses to do as they please in their business relationships; but we have asked this in exchange for the protection which the State can give against exploitation by their fellow men or by combinations of their fellow men.

The end held constantly in view was power. By this time the New Deal had got control of the public purse. That being the case, and the factor of political discontent running very high, the single imperative was not to alarm the people. In a homecoming speech to his Dutchess County neighbors, in August,the president explained why it had seemed necessary for the New Deal to limit personal liberty in certain ways.

Writing a year later, in his book, On Our Way, he said, Strictly speaking, the banking crisis lasted only one week…. We may now restore that temple to the ancient truths. To Seize Economic Power This was the critical problem.