In a memoir, author Gary Paulsen tells tof his intimate relationship with Minnesota’s north woods and the dog team he trained for the Iditarod dogsled race. Woodsong has ratings and reviews. Autumn said: Gary Paulsen, three-time Newbery Honor author, is no stranger to adventure. He has flown off the. Woodsong is a book of memoirs by Gary Paulsen. The first half consists of Paulsen’s early experiences running sled dogs in Minnesota and then in Alaska, and.

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When he saw the finish line he got off the sled and was about to turn the lead dog away woodskng it wasn’t about finishing it was about the race. This may be Paulsen’s best book yet: I think it is fun to think through what I would do if this had happen to me.

The story focuses mainly on the hardships he faces during the race. He said the true meaning was to hunt for the meat a person absolutely needed to survive.

Woodsong by Gary Paulsen | Scholastic

Anyone younger might not understand parts of the book. This played a crucial part, because he needed to live in a cold area to train his dogs for the Iditarod. We lock ourselves indoors at the mere hint of fear’s shadow, and thus miss seeing the possible beauty of what happens next, whether or not our anxiety comes to pass.

I give this book a five star rating. woodaong

The blood, the anxiety I felt, the horror of it meant as little to Storm as the blood from the deer on the snow had meant to the wolves. Paulsen speaks of his lead dog Storm with fierce admiration and affection, delving deeply into the story of a night when Paulsen’s early lack of experience with sled dogs led to a blunder that threatened Storm’s life.

Woodsong is really a collection of related short stories leading to a somewhat longer concluding narrative about Paulsen’s Iditarod experience, but I want to talk about two more of the earlier short stories before wrapping up my review.


It also shows the bond between man, nature, and animals of all kinds, whether it be wildlife of dogs. I did not expect to read about so many of the hallucinations that he encountered. Often times it was unclear of where Gary was and was hard to tell what was happening. Be the first to discover new talent!

I will never forget that! The main character in this book would be the author himself. Gary then decided to buy huskie pups.

He wrote Woodsong at the peak of his career, and it clearly shows. It is a great, heart-pounding memoir. The second half is a day-by-day account of his first attempt at the famous Iditarod dog-sled race across Alaska. It made me realize how hard the unusual hobby can be.

Plot The plot is Gary Paulsen telling stories about sledding dogs and what lessons nature has taught him about life. Paulsen and his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen, an artist who has illustrated several of his books, divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific. The dogs do unimaginable things for Gary and teach him to have great integrity.

During the race, Gary experiences a unique feeling when he is running with his dogs. The race proves to be long and arduous. Mar 11, Sheriden Haase added it. After the government issues a bounty on beavers to help control their destructive population, Paulsen establishes a trapline route across a fifty mile radius near his home, and begins raising dogs to pull his sled through the snowy land so he can regularly check his beaver traps.

Then when the state is having problems with a beaver infestation, Gary, decides to start running a dogsled to trap and kill beavers for the reward of the pelt. The pauulsen is that Gary Paulsen is always learning from the dogs. He finished the Iditarod and has also lived alone in the wilderness for over seven years.

It was part of his life and if he could obey the one drive, the drive to be in the team and pull, then nothing else mattered. The dogs teach Gary so many valuable lessons which I cannot describe. It kept me hooked until the end. I would love to tell you more but if you want to know what all happens throughout this book and during the race you need to read, “Woodsong,” by Gary Paulsen.


I have read many books of Gary Paulsen and liked every one of them. People palusen love and understand animals would like this book. Paulsen recounts many incidents he has undergone with his dogs on their runs, including times he has been carried to safety by his sled dogs after breaking his knee on the trail, became violently ill in the midst of extreme cold conditions, and a variety of mysterious happenings in the Alaskan wilderness.

WOODSONG by Gary Paulsen | Kirkus Reviews

This is very good, but in some ways, a challenging read for what appears to be a children’s book. This book tells you the story of how Gary got into racing dogs. Personal Response I gave this woodsnog a five out of five. It all started out when one day Gary was reading a book about sled dogs. Characterization- Gary Vary is the main character. Thematic- The lesson Gary wants reader’s to understand is never taking life for granted.


Oct 25, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: I was enchanted by this book about the man behind all of those famous survival stories! I would give this book a five out of five in quality and entertainment. Woodsong is a book of memoirs by Gary Paulsen. Everyday, Gary and his sled dogs would go on big loops around the Alaskan back country.