Gaviotas is a community in Colombia that exhibits, in many respects, what sustainability might look like. Over the past 30 years, a team led by. Gaviotas has ratings and 89 reviews. Karen said: This reminds me of Audre Lorde’s quote, The master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. Gaviotas is a village in Colombia, South America. of Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World with an afterword by author Alan Weisman about how Gaviotas.

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Over the next few decades, ‘Gaviotas’ became the largest tropical reforestation project in the world and a hot bed of ‘appropriate technology’, years b Entrepreneurs all throughout the world today are seeking to retrofit our bulky, inefficient city infrastructures to create sustainable communities.

And that is exactly what they did The people of Rreinvent today produce innovative technologies solar collectors, irrigation systems, windmills, and hydroponic gardens that use the environment without depleting or destroying it.

I Part Reinvfnt The Savanna p. Technology for alternative energy has been available for decades! Rebuilding I am glad I overlooked the poor writing style and loose ends and read the entire book because the story is fascinating and instructive. Nov 25, Gregory Tkac rated it it was amazing.

Gaviotas bears a faint resemblance to America’s Burning Man festival, i. Feb 28, Karen rated it really liked it.

Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World

Nothing shows this more than when the Colombian presidential canidate shows up and says “hey when I become president I want your solar panels on our building.

Currently, a BioDiesel project is under way for market and local use. He lives in Reinvenr, Arizona.

I could never develop a Gaviotas in my mind right now. Utterly fantastic book that transformed the way I looked at the world.

Gaviotas by Alan Weisman at Chelsea Green Publishing

The story he presents is wonderful testament to human creativity, commitment, and effort toward building a socially viable and environmentally sustainable future. Retrieved from ” https: It is estimated that, in pre-Columbian times, the llanos were an gaviotaas of the Amazonian rain forest, but the rainforest border has been receding from the area for centuries. It was great to know that, there is a community in Colombia, that gives back more to nature than it takes away from it, violage community that freely shares knowledge with everyone, a community whose citizens truly experience peace and a community whose central ideas ought to be adopted in other parts of the world.


To everyone’s surprise but their own, they found that living differently could mean living better. Jul 04, Christopher rated it it was amazing. Jan 23, George rated it it was amazing. He and his wife, sculptor Beckie Kravetz, live in western Massachusetts. Scarcity and resource restraints also compelled them to nurture and support their ecosystem as opposed to the usual take take takeallowing increased viability and plentitude over time. Though written in a circular and sometimes confusing style and with a plethora of characters that are only sometimes introduced this is a powerful and important story of the gaviotad a group of Colombians built and alternative sustainable community on the savannah surrounded by political unrest and indiscriminate violence.

Intentional communities Ecovillages Populated places established in establishments in Colombia Populated places in the Vichada Department. By using this site, you agree to the Gaviltas of Use and Privacy Policy. Honestly, with all the conversations, debates, et al. No matter what you think of Weisman’s writing style not a problem at all for me – I liked it and thought it helped keep a lot of information that otherwise might be overwhelming nicely flowingthis is an essential historical account of a few people taking big chances and the rest of us being much better off for it.

In the absence of infrastructure, the first Gaviotans invented wind turbines to convert mild breezes into energy, hand pumps capable of tapping deep sources of water, and solar collectors efficient enough to heat and even sterilize drinking water under perennially cloudy llano skies. A fine environmental success story: I gave it a 4 because I think learning about Gaviotas: It was founded in by Paolo Lugari who assembled a group of engineers and scientists in an attempt to create a mode of sustainable living in one of the least hospitable political and geographical climates in South America.


And for that lack of imagination, I mourn right now. Readability aside, I agree with other reviewers here that the substance of the story is remarkable. Real people doing real work to solve real problems – we should all be as ballsy and inspired reinvdnt our precious time here. You’ll be happy you did Thank you for using the catalog.

Gaviotas originated out of the belief that the current state of urban expansion and poverty and the continued depletion of natural nonrenewable resources could not be sustained and that the future required people to learn how to live in harsh, inhospitable environments and to do so in an ecologically sound and sustainable manner.

Library Journal Review In the early s, a unique community was founded in the los llanos region of Colombia.

Gaviotas – Wikipedia

You may also like Gaviotas is an ecovillage located in the llanos of the Colombian department of Vichada. Located north of the Amazon rain forest, this fillage is an expansive savannah, sparsely populated and generally considered uninhabitable.

The following links pr I gave it a 4 because I think learning about Gaviotas: Rebuilding the forest and multiple solar energy solutions and then applying their creations to help the poor. Books by Alan Weisman. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Thanks to Shauna Sellers for originally recommending this book to reinevnt in Spring Dec 18, Faye rated it really liked it. No trivia or quizzes yet.

Make this your default list. I think my favorite phrase from this book was along the lines of “This isn’t a utopia.