Intimate Strangers [Gem Sivad] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ambrose and Lucy Quince struggle through eight years of. Gem is a fantastic historical western author and once you read “Perfect Strangers ” you will be hooked on her books. I originally read it under the title “Intimate. Perfect Strangers by Gem Sivad. our price , Save Rs. Buy Perfect Strangers online, free home delivery. ISBN: X,

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If you can stomach Quincy’s woman-owning and oppressive possessiveness and Lucy’s doormat-like immaturity to the last few chapters, it makes for a satisfying cliffhanger that is where Intimate Strangers picks up. Gem Sivad submitted her first manuscript in Annie rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Ambrose has never wanted another woman.

Now she tightened her grip on the rifle, thankful for her Mondays of target practice. When she was found gme in the desert, Quincy had been beaten, raped and left to die. With only passion left between them, can these two Perfect Strangers recover what was lost?

Quince and Lucy go through some hard times, to try and figure out what happened to her in the past that she can’t remember. For Ambrose, he marries her because he lusts mightily after her. Ambrose Quince plummeted through the trapdoor, landing in a heap on the ground.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. There was no doubt that he was grinding his teeth when his gaze swung to her. At the end of the book, what I got out of it is that divad a rape victim just gives in and lets her man do whatever he wants, he’ll eventually “fix” her, removing any mental issues that she might have regarding sexual contact with persons of the opposite sex because sex with him is just that good.


Perfect Strangers: 3

Dec 02, Linda rated it it was amazing. Once she met her children, she was determined that she would do right by them, make sure they were protected.

The Winchester made an impressive noise strajgers she chambered a round. Unsheathing the Winchester, Lucy hitched it to her shoulder and took aim. This book reinforces rape culture and reinforces the idea that, despite the fact that LUCY was the one that was raped, it’s AMRBOSE who knows best how to help her get over her trauma and damn whatever she thinks she wants.


I found him repulsive and all the sex scenes to be disturbing and some of strangfrs least erotic moments in a book I’ve read all year, quite possibly ever. Ambrose wanted her in the house, suddenly anxious, as if she might disappear if he looked away. Other books in the series.

Perfect Strangers by Gem Sivad – FictionDB

Dec 03, Alison Diem rated it did not like it Shelves: This book evoked so many emotions from me and left me wishing grm didn’t have to end! And once the children take up his cause, has she any hope of leaving their ranch again? This book begins around the last few chapters of QW.

This is a book I urge you to pick up, a book I urge to judge for yourselves.

Books by Gem Sivad. This was a great I am glad that Gem Sivad did the work. Instead of heading for the house, she took hold of the harness and steadied the animal, waiting for Alex and Brody to climb out.


I was so furious Above and beyond anything in this book, I have to comment on the following. Jan 05, Cara Bristol rated it it was amazing Shelves: I appreciate that Ms. Whether she’s writing in a nineteenth century setting or in the paranormal world of witches and shifters, Gem’s heroines are always resilient, resourceful, and smart and her heroes are both dangerous and hot!

Apr 12, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quincy thinks he’s left her with another but that isn’t the case. Because I had been wanting to kick Ambrose in balls for over a book-and-a-half.

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Once he gets Lucy back to his home, he is determined to make her stay. Brody was a miniature Lucy without the harsh overlay of life. Now she has to face her past as her supposed brother in law turns up to take her back to her old life. Quincy and Lucy’s story picks up 8 years later in their marriage and things have gotten a little tense.

Almost as if it were written as an afterthought to help build up the anger, pain, tension, bad blood and lust that filled the pages of Intimate Strangers. Perfect Strangers is a sexy Western historical erotic romance with an edge of darkness. She was glad his hands were tied behind his back because even shackled as he was, his fingers opened and closed as though he wanted to strangle someone.