Aircraft Systems Technical Memorandum GENPLOT – General Plotting Program. User Guide and Reference Manual. Version by. Download Citation on ResearchGate | GENPLOT (General Plotting Program) User Guide and Reference Manual Version | Program GENPLOT was. View Notes – Genplot manual-Getting Started from MSE at Cornell University. Getting Started with GENPLOT REQUIREMENTS THE USER GENPLOT is.

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Number of data to skip in 1st file Get column number to plot. The X-axis time step is the time between sucessive Y-axis data in the data file. However, most of the meta-translators will use the identical MCF hence multiple copies are not always required. If the text lines are to be redrawn on the zoom plot, they are drawn at the same plot co-ordinate positions as when they were created.

This file is used by the selected device meta-translator as its source of commands to draw all the requested plots. Re-display menu values used previously 2. Name of data file 5. Mike Thompson must, however unfortunately, take responsibility for its current gross and unmanageable size.

These new files include the device- independent picture manjal and the selected output device command lile s. Note that only one single text line was redrawn. Save default value file 4. They arc only applicable to genploot terminals and colour plotters.


GENPLOT – By Michael O. Thompson ([email protected])

After any changes are made the run continues by going through the set-drawing-options menu and then creates the new plot. If the line connecting data points is to be drawn then the line style and line colour can be selected.

If a requested colour is not supported by the plot device, the device geplot use whatever is available.

The plot data ranged from 0. Re-start program for new plot 2. Makes a legend for the plot. A brief explanation of all routines is also given. Get line number to start reading data file. The MCF is constructed so that the user does not need to know how to use the meta-translator, except how to start it and enter the command source file name. The exceptions to this are the plot limits and plot labels. The plot labels were set as follows: If a legend has previously been created in a non-zoom plot the user will be given the following options: Each text line must be positioned by specifying the starting position of the line on the plot.

Makes the current picture Meta-Picture-File for later use to output hard-copies to devices.

GenPlot | Software | Surface Neutron and X-Ray Scattering Group | Ames Laboratory

Checks for and corrects rounding errors of numeric labels. Constructs the numeric label character strings.

A space in the label specifications will be drawn as a space on the plot label wherever it appears in the label string. Enters one integer number from user.


Column or Kile vs.

Get line number to end reading data file. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of study, research, criticism or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act, no mabual may be reproduced by any process without written permission.

Plots can be sent to driver- supported plotters for hardcopy output. DATAranges Set plot limits.

Manpage of GENPLOT

The first type of legend is one where a line sample for each line type on the plot is drawn next to a user-entered line identifier.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. If this parameter is not properly specified the program might not pick up the problem and ,as a consequence, plot the wrong column of data.

If the underline function is on, then any spaces will also be underlined. The second type of legend consists only of user-entered text lines. Input Default value file 3. The user may enter data for each line on the plot genploy one of four methods: Mankal plot base length will be determined using the plot aspect ratio.

Makes a zoom plot of a selected manuzl of the plot.