Vedic chants and Ghana patha. Vedic mantras have been orally handed down over the generations from the oldest known times in the human. Seven vyahritis(invocations to the seven worlds) Oṁ tat saviturvareṇ(i)yaṁ bhargo devasya dhīmahi. Dhiyo yo naḥ pracodayāt.. May we. Shri K. Suresh – Yajur Veda Blessing Ghana Patha: Mantras for all Occasions – Samhita and Ghanam (Set of 2 Audio CDs) – Music.

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These methods of complicated recitations in a oral tradition were devised in order to preserve the purity of the word, the sound, intonation, pronunciation, accent and sound pathx of the Veda mantras. Chronology of Hindu texts.

vedas – Sanskrit examples of Ghanapatha recitation? – Hinduism Stack Exchange

Syllables are continuously repeated to and fro in a certain pattern. Also here in this answer, I discuss about Ghana patha recitation of Gayatri mantra payha English sentences also. Indidigital7 14 December at But since mind wanders easily, irrelevant thoughts can enter the mind if we are reciting something purely by memory. A priest who can recite in the Ghana method is given the title ghanapAThi.

Ghana patha — This is the most intricate form of chanting, and it goes as follows: The Ghana method is more difficult than the above where the combinations of words will be ; and so on. For giving examples of their sequences, let a sentence in Pada patha be: Rules of chanting – Sanskrit grammar series 2 PDF. By repeating the words in manifold ways, the correct tally of words was also kept which has naturally ensured its purity. In the absence of a written text, our rishis had devised many ways to prevent even a small error to creep in to the recitation of the veda-mantras.


He uses the Rigvedic verse — “Four are its horns, three its feet, two its heads, and seven its hands, roars loudly the threefold-bound bull, the great god enters mortals” Rig-Veda, iv. The shakhas thus have the purpose of preserving knowledge of uttering divine sound originally cognized by the rishis.

Part of a series on. Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat summarizes this as follows: For instance, if we consider “1”, “2,” and “3” to be their own phrases, then ganapata would be something like History of Science, History of Text.

And the most interesting thing is, it thana not that one or two individuals who were proficient in this dharma, but an entire society was well versed in this!

Vedic chant – Wikipedia

Sanskrit examples of Ghanapatha recitation? How exactly does Ghanapatha work and can someone point me to examples? The Shikha patha is Jata patha with three words in each cycle: But can someone provide more concrete examples and explanations? In sentences, some of the words have to be conjoined in chanting. The sequence of Ghanapatha is as follows: Sections of this page.

There are eleven ways of chanting the Vedas: Thus Spake VM “Aano bhadrakratavo yantu vishwata: This site uses cookies. Vedic study was the profession of a brahmin and hence he was expected to chant it daily. Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. After proficiency in ghanapATha, some learn lakshaNa-ghanapATha, which deals with the characteristics of each letter, its origin, how it has to be emphasized in a mantra, its varNa, the presiding deity, etc etc.


We included chanting of the ‘Ganapati Ghanapatha’ which I never knew of prior in our homam. These three were called Prakritipathas i. Only when a person becomes capable of reciting this in any order asked, gets the title of a ghanapAThi.

The Vedanta -sutras add that ultimate liberation comes from sound as well anavrittih shabdat. So, reciting Vedas in Ghanapatha gives fruit 13 times more than normal recitation. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: In my humble attempt at learning this Ghanapatha I ghaja it but found surprisingly little sources of information about its significance, translation, and instructions on its application in poojas.

The Ghanapatha or the “Bell” mode of chanting is so called because the words are repeated back and forth in a bell shape.

Yajur Veda Aashirwada Ghanam Vol.1 – Audio CD

Thus a mantra becomes such long in Ghana Patha. Retrieved from ” https: Wayne Howard noted in the preface of his book, Veda Recitation in Varanasi”The four Vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva are not ‘books’ in the usual sense, though within the past hundred years each veda has appeared in several printed editions.

Since the order of the words does not matter much in Sanskrit, chanting a mantra in Ghanapatha is equivalent to chanting the Mantra thirteen times. The samhita, pada and krama pathas can be described as the natural recitation styles or prakrutipathas.