Syllabus for GPAT Paper. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal. GPAT results are announced!!!! Click here to know your result!! For GPAT material, stay tuned to this site after NIPER-JEE [ ]. The GPAT question paper will consist of one hundred fifty ( Nos.) a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects ( as per the syllabus given in.

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For wrong answers, 1 mark will be reduced for each wrong ones. Neurohumoral transmission autonomic and somaticParasympathomimetics, Parasympatholytics, Sympathomimetics, Adrenergic receptor and neuron blocking agents, Ganglion stimulants and blocking agents, Neuromuscular blocking Agents, Local anesthetic Agents.

Physico-chemical and stereoisomeric Optical, geometrical aspects of drug molecules and biological action, Bioisosterism, Drug-receptor interactions including transduction mechanisms; Drug metabolism and Concept of Prodrugs; Principles of Drug Design Theoretical Aspects: Transformation, conjugation, transduction, protoplast fusion and gene cloning and their applications.

Different techniques of pharmaceutical analysis, Preliminaries and definitions: Wherever applicable the molecular basis should be discussed. This fee includes bank charges as well and will not be refunded.

GPAT 2012 Exam Paper Pattern & Time Table

Solubility, dissolution and organoleptic properties and their effect on formulation, stability and bioavailability. Unit processes material and energy balances, molecular units, mole fraction, tie substance, gas laws, mole volume, primary and secondary quantities, equilibrium state, rate process, steady and unsteady states, dimensionless equations, dimensionless formulae, dimensionless groups, different types of graphic representation, mathematical problems.

Significance, reactions and energetics of the cycle, Amphibolic role of the cycle, and Glyoxalic acid cycle; Lipids Metabolism: If stable, characteristic honeycomb like froth is obtained, saponins are present. Jain Natural Products Chemistry: Pathophysiology of Common Diseases: General study of composition, corrosion, resistance, Properties and applications of the materials of construction with special reference to stainless steel and glass.


Ideal and real solutions, solutions of gases in liquids, colligative properties, partition coefficient, conductance and its measurement, Debye Huckel theory; Thermodynamics: Basic Principles of Medicinal Chemistry: Few mg of residue of each extract was taken in 2 ml of chloroform and in it 2 ml of concentrated sulphuric acid was added from the side of the test tube.


Lignans, quassanoids and flavonoids. GPAT exam has a big syllabus. Sterility testing of pharmaceuticals. Liquid interface, surface and interfacial tensions, 20012 free energy, measurement of surface and interfacial tensions, spreading coefficient, adsorption at liquid interfaces, surface active agents, HLB classification, solubilization, detergency, adsorption at solid interfaces, solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces, complex films, electrical properties of interface.

To learn Classification pharrmacy Drug create an acronym, take the first letters of the items that you are trying to remember.

GPAT Archives –

Actinomycetes, bacteria, rickettsiae, spirochetes and viruses; Identification of Microbes: Banker and Christopher T. Yellow color is obtained, if proteins are present. Nomenclature, isomerism, stereoisomerism, conformational and configurational isomerism, optical activity, specification of configuration, Reactions involving stereoisomers, chirality, conformations; Stereoselective and stereospecific reactions; Structure, Nomenclature, Preparation and Reactions of: Layout, utilities and services.

Inhibitors of respiratory chain and oxidative phosphorylation, Mechanism of oxidative phosphorylation; Metabolism of ammonia and nitrogen containing monomers: How can I get information regarding admit card? First, Second and Third laws, Zeroth law, Concept of free energy, enthalpy and entropy, absolute temperature scale; Thermochemical equations; Phase rule; Adsorption: University of Baroda, Vadodara – End of February Types of flow, Reynold’s number, Viscosity, Concept of boundary layer, basic equations of fluid flow, valves, flow meters, manometers and measurement of flow and pressure.

Tobacco, areca and lobelia. Designing of dosage forms; Pre-formulation studies: Organization and structure of retail and whole sale drug store-types of drug store and design, legal requirements for establishment, maintenance and drug store-dispensing of proprietary products, maintenance of records of retail and wholesale, patient counseling, role of pharmacist in community health care and education First aid, communicable diseases, nutrition, family planning.


Basic concepts and definition, wet bulb and adiabatic saturation temperatures, Hygrometric chart and measurement of humidity, application of humidity measurement in pharmacy, equipments for dehumidificat4ion operations; Refrigeration and Air Conditioning: Utilization and production of phyto-constituents such as quinine, calcium sennosides, podophyllotoxin, diosgenin, solasodine, and tropane alkaloids.

Theory of mixing, solid-solid, solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing equipments. Natural allergens and photosensitizing agents and fungal toxins.

Requirements, formulation, methods of preparation, labeling, containers, evaluation; Cosmeticology and Cosmetic Preparations: Psoralea, Ammi majus, Ammi visnaga, gentian, saffron, chirata, quassia. Principles of centrifugation, industrial centrifugal filters, and centrifugal sedimenters; Crystallization: Basic Concepts of Pharmacotherapy: Novel medicinal agents from marine sources.

So there is a lot of topics to cover. The test tube was shaken for few minutes. Surface and Interfacial Phenomenon: These filtrates were then used for alkaloid detection. Organization of drug store, Types of materials stocked, storage conditions; Purchase and Inventory Control principles, purchase procedures, Purchase order, Procurement and stocking; Drug distribution Systems in Hospitals: Dosage adjustment in patients with and without renal and hepatic failure; Design of single dose bio-equivalence study phharmacy relevant statistics; Pharmacokinetic drug interactions and their significance in combination therapy.

Keep an alarm to remind you. If precipitate is obtained, tannins are present.