GURPS International Super Teams may have one of the more unusual geneses of the many GURPS worldbooks. Its concept of a U.N.-sponsored super police. The name “Argurous Astraph” used in GURPS IST is not proper Modern Greek – though the intent is easily comprehensible. The proper way to say “Silver. GURPS, Illuminati, Roleplayer and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks and Supers and International Super Teams are trademarks of Steve.

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That’s what I recalled seeing in the past and was looking for. Other details were easy — just look at what happened in the real world, and tweak them for better or worse. In a brief description, it was easy to say, “The U. Ggurps inspired by the Wild Cards series, it sought to explain the origin of superpowers, the state of advanced technology, and why the U. A benevolent United Nations charters the International Super Teams to battle evil and keep the peace — at least, until the continuity shifts again.

It’s not just a job, it’s a vacation! Retrieved from ” https: Tags gurps istinternational super teamssupers Thread Tools. Nationalism the world over began to rise. I became, for several months, a student of international affairs. You can now find the IST threads at http: Krypton-2Current Affairs A benevolent United Nations charters izt International Super Teams to battle evil and keep the peace — at least, until the continuity shifts again.


GURPS IST Designer’s Article

This would not kill him or knock him unconscious, but it could be a major wound. This reality has a “near twin” known as Krypton-1 which is or perhaps was accessible by Centrum. I believe it is not on the forum but I remember people talking about it here. Written by Robert M. Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital ish, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines.

Of course, I had the advantage of being able to set the initial conditions, but what resulted from those ixt is, I hope, a very logical and realistic extrapolation.

International Super Politics

Originally Posted by Kymage. Surf our site for the files you want. Greed and paranoia became the motivations of the member nations. Find More Posts by JMason. Players can choose from several different basic types of superhero characters that influence how the character’s powers are selected. One thing I remember is there was a table of gkrps of the expansion.

In other words, he is a human sized brick. Sign In Don’t have an account? Of course, realism imposed after- and side-effects to the U.

A couple of years later, in a fit of enthusiasm, I jst a history for the Warriors’ World. He flies around in a spandex super suit righting wrongs and fighting evil doers. Find More Posts by robkelk.

Before I knew it, I had been asked to revise the timeline and write isr accompanying material for the Supers book. International Super Teams — Join the U.


I know there is an E23 product, but I recall there was a website somewhere that really went beyond what was in the E23 product. Not quite what I was looking for. His largest damage attack is done by flying himself into things at high speed.

I found my answer in the gurpe side of the history. The time now is Originally Posted by JMason I don’t know about a thread Supers are poked, prodded and thoroughly investigated — and scientific knowledge accelerates accordingly.

GURPS Infinite Worlds – IST

It takes 16 turns to get up to full speed, accelerating ish 14 yards per second per second. Radical political fringe groups gained wider support. It didn’t matter if Captain Genius invented practical teleportation; it somehow never changed society.

This is an average of about points of damage. The Wild Cards -like material was transformed into something less derivative, and the Warriors became a much larger body: Even as the U. The first edition isst includes new combat rules, 24 superpowers, bionic superlimbs, gadgets and equipment, and rules for creating new powers, sample heroes and villains, and a briefly described campaign world. Its concept of a U.