HANYOUNG NUX. search. 제품정보; 고객지원; 회사소개. VX LC LT LP3 CR. 온도 조절계; 기록계; 카운터/타이머; 패널미터; 센서/엔코더; TPR/SSR/SMPS; 제어용. , Manual, BK3, , Manual, PB series, , Manual, PR series, , Manual, MP series, , Manual. AR series: For the AR series controlling switch, it is possible to apply 2 types ( Ø22 / Ø25) panel cutout dimension and in case of using the guide bracket, it is.

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Ambient light Ambient humidity Sun light: Protection circuit Reverse polarity protection and output short-circuit protection Ambient illumination Sunlight: Rated current 63 A a.

Round shape lens, Direct mount Buzzer R: Operating Voltage Range 4. High – V a.

product guide – HANYOUNG NUX

Release voltage Less than 50 V a. Voltage use range 4 – 32 V d.

Thyristor 10 V a. Refer to the Measurement range 5 V d. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. LED condenser voltage dropping type V a. K, J,R, b R. Square shape lens, Direct mount BuzzerX: Panel Life 50, hours 24 V d.


S Sub output L. C SCR output 4 – 20 mA d. Line Driver output 12 V d. Input Current Constant-current system: H but without dew condensation Vibration resistance 10 – 55 Hz, 0.

B Front Plate type – V a. At V d. S Full Scale Setting resolution 1 or 0. Round shape lens, Prop mount F: PC Translucent red Weight Approx. Operating Voltage Range 4 – 32 V d. Internal memory Non-volatile flash memory 80 MB: PBT resin, Cable holder: Green Nanyoung, Operation display: Variable by recording time, Record method: Alarm setting System alarm: Dielectric strength V a.

The general type requires a 1 to 1 connection to the temperature controller with a 24 V d. Resistance voltage dropping type C V a. Voltage use range 90 – V caatlogue. Round shape lens, Direct mount BuzzerR: Current output 4 – 20 mA d. Input indication resolution Below minimum unit of input range Input impedance Thermo couple and direct current voltage input: Square shape lens, Prop mount A: Round shape lens, Direct mount Buzzer F: Upper side 1st stack to the lower side.


Resistive loadResidual voltage: Usable voltage range 10 — 30 V d. Reset Voltage Less than 1.

TOKO LISTRIK PD. ASA – BANDUNG: Led Light Catalogue – Hanyoung

Usable voltage range 90 – V a. Revolution and continuous light F: Standard type IP Vibration Storage Mechanical Durability 10 – 55 Hz for cycle 1 min 0. But, Emitter 2P Material Case: Common to 12 – 24 V d. LED condenser voltage dropping type 12 – 24 V d. Input Current V a. NPN open collector output 5 – 12 V d. Mega Dielectric strength V a. Resistive loadNC: Timer 8 V a.