hi guys, i have a used sdx swm manual i dont need anymore so im going to sell it. asking \ shipped lower 48 and i take paypal. will take pic. All fuel models · Hirobo · Turbulence D3 · Freya 60/90 · Freya Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL. All fuel models · Hirobo · Turbulence D3 · Freya 60/90 · Freya EX-II · Freya OP · GPH Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Turbulence D3 D3 instruction manual .

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D3 instruction manual

I do appreciate shopping at your Shop. The manual also shows, in detail where thread locker should be used. Included hirob the new main frame package was a two piece full enclosure fan shroud, carbon collective pitch levers, EX machined aluminium X levers, machined aluminium elevator assembly, CNC machined main and second gears, all metal hirob, and plenty of platforms to mount all types of radio gear.

Main Frame is capable of handling standard collective pitch controls or Hirobo’s SWM swash mode deg. Unfortunately I only have the lowly DX7 transmitter, but there is an easy way to make a mix so you can use a hiirobo set up. Slider is dual ball bearing supported with “a” links to a ball joint on the tail blade holder.

With Hirobo’s proprietary technology in RC helicopter design, this incredible helicopter is a high performance machine ready for swift and intense action! WX, Singapore The reason for my email is a big thanks to you and your team as well as manuao one else involved that resolved our Phantom Vision issues.


Among those that know Hirobo, this is a no brainer, but if you have never built a Sceadu or Freya you will not realize how important it is to check the run out on the fan hub and clutch assembly.

What my friends saying is true, “Singapore Hobby Supplies is the best and the most hiobo Shop in Asia”. All price stated are in Singapore dollars.

Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Three-quarters of lights grounded, runways closed at London Heathrow and Gatwick airports because of snow.

All new Main frame design with integrated, easy to access bearing blocks, integrated cooling shroud. New drive train layout puts engine in front of main shaft for better overall CG balancing and allowing the gear reduction for the tail gearbox to happen at the main gear instead of a pulley arrangement. Rotor grips are also inexpensive, and are much easier on bearings. A shorter centre hub was also used to enhance stability and a machined aluminium swashplate and washout assembly ensured all control inputs are transferred accurately to the head.

Quite rare for springtime in Montana. The servo layout is very similar to the Lepton, and the Turbulence. Hirobo took the best of the WC Eagle and refined the design, components and a variety of adjustments for full-on 3D aerobatics. There are some parts that scx more, but not everything. Now cc, increased cc from the previous Shuttle Tank of cc.


Singapore Hobby Supplies Pte Ltd. The SDX does fly like its on rails. I hope rpm doesn’t overload the blade grips and cause them to blow! HPM being the originally mechanical pitch version with a rocking cradle and SWM; this was the upcoming ccpm control system that required a transmitter with electronic swashplate servo mixing to give both cyclic and pitch functions. Thrust bearings are standard for smooth collective changes through the entire pitch range mankal under the demanding loads of radical 3D flight.

Hirobo manufactures very high end 90 size models manuap designed for the FC3 pilot.

Great for aerobatic autos. Use a real email address or you will not be granted access to the site.

hirobo sdx swm manual f/s – HeliFreak

That is good service. I feel that is better because you are not relying on the transmitter to alter the speed and scx of the elevator function. Once again a big thanks to you and Singapore Hobby for a first class service. Hats off to Hirobo for keeping the absolute minimum number of bags open at the same time.

After a couple of years the inevitable design update was carried out to incorporate a number of upgrades.

Carbon fibre tail pitch system mounts replaced the metal brackets ensuring rigidity and alignment through all aspects of use. No info currently held on these later versions.