The Holy Vedas: a golden treasury /​ Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar. Uniform Title. Vedas. English and Sanskrit. Other Authors. Vidyalankar, Satyakam, Results 1 – 8 of 8 The Holy Vedas by Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. The Holy Vedas A Golden Treasury HB 01 Edition by Vidyalankar P S from Only Genuine Products. 30 Day Replacement Guarantee.

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The Theosophical Society in Australia. The wonderful thing about this book is that it has the name of Veda, Book and verse Numbers. Login to add to list. O cloud-beanng winds, Showerers of rain, May you send waters From the firmament O sagacious hoyl principles, Listeners to eulogies, Sustainers of the world, t 7 May you multiply The wealth of your praisers t Rig 6 49 6 May the clouds Lovingly bend down To lift us up, And become our helpers In our difficulties, Great or small 1 Rig 6 50 4 May your chariot, O vital principles, Be devoid of wickedness May this chariot, Which is without a driver, Without horses, Without provender, And without traces, Which scatters water And which accomplishes desires.

Viktor Berzinsky rated it it was amazing Apr 02, Like playful children that have beauteous mothers, like a mighty host on the march with splendour Rig 10 78 6 Radiant fidyalankar sacrifices like die’lays of dawn, wishing to be lustrous, they shine with ornaments, Hastening on like rivers with spears that glisten, they measure out from afar the vast distances Rig 10 78 7 Make us happy, O Divines, and masters of wealth Clouds advance us, the singers of your praises, Be aware of our praise-songs and our friendship, from of old there have been your gifts of treasures Rig 10 78 8 O Divine Cloud, There lies hidden within Thee The treasure of immortal joy, Bestow on us a litde of it, So that we may live a happy life t Rig 10 3i JlZotfier Eartfi Vidyalankad, Eternal Order, that is hlly and stem, Consecration, Austerity, Prayer and Ritual, Uphold the Earth May she, queen of what has been and will be, provide vast space for us Atharva.

II Atharvaveda V 29, 2 A physician has, by virtue of his medicines, the power to increase the longevity of a person who is: Emma Lucy rated it it was amazing Jun 17, From its title and even its description it claims to be a translation of the four Vedas of ancient India, but it is actually a poetic composition of the author.


I must handle it carefully. Different vedas consist of different number of verses. This book is not a collection of stories. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. So that you may again be friends And live together m harmony Atharva. The four Vedas consist of verses. TTufwt graft sr mart fgwrf armim sr?

Mar 24, John rated it it was amazing. Clarion Books; Reprint edition September 19, Language: These vedas consist of utmost divine knowledge that was accessible only to some privileged people during ancient times.

And vedae our ego in Thy service? It rotates on its axis once a day and revolves round the sun m May the earth and heaven be compassionate towards you. Sravana and Veeas make me prosper 4 Satabhishak afford me ample freedom and both the Proshthapadas guard me safely. It does not contain any love stories or epic poems. What was his mouth? As far as I know the Rigveda is the only one that has been adequately translated into English. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The Holy Vedas by Pandit Satyakam Vidyalankar

Jaimini Mehta rated it it was amazing Mar 07, The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is the typically bad print-quality common with Indian publishers. I bought it when I was in India and was studying Sanskrit. And days and firmament with songs, I worship, seeking the twenty- eight fold for its pqndit.

English Choose a language for shopping. The Earth in which Night and Day are settled, Which is covered and canopied by ram— May she paandit us with bliss in every vidyaankar Atharva. Stephanie Saucedo rated it really liked it May 12, Let us dedicate the best in us at Thy feet. Termed as the revealed knowledge, Hindus across the globe believe the vedas to be their sacred heritage.

University of Wollongong Library. You can also select a section in any order you want. Maroon rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Write a customer review.

Rig 10 90 10 In this conception of human society as a man, the highly intellectual Brahmanas priesdy class were regarded as the mouth, While the Kshatriyas, who were the administrators and warriors, represented the arms. Ana rated it really liked it Dec 05, Every night b4 bedtime I would read a few pages. How were they bom? Help us to be contented, peace like them and filled with love and Rig 1 89 2 O enlightened pious souls, Let us lcsolutelv hear with our ears What is good, Let us see with our eyes What is good, Let us enjoy The divinely ordained term of our life.


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Comments and reviews What are comments? Kevin Holden rated it it was amazing Nov 03, For others, there is this book, a golden treasury of “The Holy Vedas,” selected and translated by one of the authorities on Sanskrit and Hinduism.

The Upanishads, 2nd Edition Paperback. And lines to Agni, Varuna, Mitra and various other gods and goddesses where the name was replaced with “God.

The Holy Vedas : Pandit Vidyalankar :

Each different from the other, you Two, Day and Night, have made twin beauties of yourselves, of the Two one is bright, the other dark, Yet these Two, the dark-coloured and the red, are sisters Great is the one source of energy of the cosmic forces Rig S ho,y 11 When the two Cows, Mother and Daughter, Heaven and Earth that yield nectar, give suck equally together, Both I worship in the seat of Eternal Law Great is the one source of energy of the cosmic forces Rig 3 55 12 Licking the calf of the other, One of them lows On what world has the milch cow laid her udder?

International Veda Trust, Please note that vdyalankar edition was originally published innotand the original Sanskrit text is included pandiit my edition. The four Vedas contain the divine, infallible knowledge revealed to those primal men whose soul was specially illuminated to by the grace of god to receive and impart humanity the words of almighty god. Through humility attains reverence and faith, Ppandit bv faith comes knowledge of the truth Yajur 19 SO O Wise Lord, what is it that swallows all?

I found lines that from context I could tell were talking about Indra but instead said “God”.