Download & install the AIR reader for Linux (discontinued as of today, but you can install an old version). Download & install the Zinio reader. This digital magazine offer or download page cannot be found”? . .. You may change your email permissions anytime by clicking in the “Account Settings”. Does anyone know how I can print Zinio magazines that are protected from printing? I want to make them into pdf so I can read anywhere.

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I know this comes quite late, but anyway: The server responds to this request with the following response:.

Removing Zinio DRM

There are a lot of parameters here, and all of them are required. That worried me a little, because if the password was same for all the magazines, my program would allow users to download every available magazine for free, which was not my goal.

Post as a guest Name. Server was also generating different IV each time, but that should converh affected only the ciphertext—password should have been the same each time.

Decompiling Zinio app I usually start with reversing the network API, but this time I changed the process and started with decompiling the app first, because trying to decrypt the files is way more fun.

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linux – How to convert downloaded Zinio publications to an open format? – Super User

The question is primarily about converting to an open format which this answer unfortunately doesn’t seem to address, unless I am missing something? Items 1 and 2 got a thumbs up already. But I would like to have an electronic archive of the magazines.


Few more hours of coding and my application could download, decrypt and merge individual files into a single PDF. My final code looked like this:. Decrypt keydataiv ; return CryptographicBuffer. I want to make them into pdf so I can read anywhere. That was all I needed from the decompiled application.

EddieLowmax New Member Mar 11, Zinio API cnvert super simple, with only three interesting requests: The client calls the libraryService to download the list of all purchased issues, and then issueData is called for each of them in order to retrieve all the data necessary to download it. Thread starter EddieLowmax Start date Mar 10, That meant my decryption key was wrong.

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In the xml file? Now I’m considering renewing the subscription and looking at other interesting publications they may have, but that’s conditional to the following? Thanks Bwana I’m thinking of going in that direction. Free sample magazines can be obtained here. OK start reading here How do I do that? One day I had a few hours to confert and decided to give it a try.

Such a huge number of magazines instantly made them into a potential target magazins a DRM removal tool. JCCyC 1, 4 12 Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Zinio does not provide publication hoow in PDF format. EddieLowmax New Member Mar 10, This part of the process was straightforward. This time I used dnSpywhich is my new favorite tool for decompiling.


PDF file itself is a collection of objects, so there might be a way to find annotations by name and set their values to null or something like that?

Finally, after dozens of unsuccessful attempts, an idea came to my mind: Why not just buy the dead tree paper version instead?

How to convert downloaded Zinio publications to an open format? It was easy to verify their claims. The offline Linux reader, from what I can see, even works as well as the Windows one. Email Required, but zinuo shown.

Here are the most important lines of the ParsePackingList function:. After opening the generated PDF file, I noticed an ugly blue square at the upper-left corner of each page:. Here is how issueData request looks in practice:. If you have a 64 bit distro, make magqzines you can execute 32 bits binaries. I tried to open one of the files, but I got the result I expected: Can publications be read offline?

You will have to register with an e-mail. Using EverythingI quickly found the folder containing the issue I just downloaded:. Someone sent me an email a few weeks ago asking me if my Future plc downloader could also download Zinio magazines.

Big Giveaway – Win prizes worth R3, But where are all these parameters coming from? I started looking through autocompletion suggestions and found a field called Annots.