IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System graphical it may still be preferable to manually editing the menu configuration file. This manual page documents briefly the IceWM window manager and programs around it. This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. The IceWM window options configuration file is used to configure settings for individual Full details for this file are explained in the “IceWM Manual”.

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Menu 12 Windows above the dock. How can I watch movies? There are ways around this.

IceWM: Preferences

If you prefer to do it yourself, then do the following, Warning! To pretty things up, we need to do two things: The normal default for all options is disabled 0 unless overridden by the application.

You get a line that looks like this: Right-click a file to see management options.

This one is more interesting. June 6, at 2: The default browser is the full-featured Firefox-esr. Ignore 0 No icon added to tray. This is where you edit the menu. You may also want to check out another guide on the Debian Mnaual Forums for more help. Basic Configuration How do I set up a wireless connection?

  IEC 82045-1 PDF

January 23, at 3: To play an audio mp3 or ogg vorbis file, simply left-click on it and xmms opens automatically and starts playing the file. SpaceFM is a multi-panel icem file manager for Linux with built-in VFS, udev-based device manager, customizable menu system, and bash integration. Normal 4 Default layer for windows. If you hate the brown look, you can of course make it look different.

The icewm-themes package is optional. I have two computers.

icewm(1) – Linux man page

If you have low RAM 1GB and lessantiX users recommend one of the following for a lighter and faster experience than that offerred by the default browser Firefox-esr. The easiest method is to just treat it as a storage device by using a USB maanual reader.

The latest iceWM in the Hardy repos is 1.

Also its layer, geometry, whether it can be moved, resized and closed. You can select a different source of the audio files to play in xmms.

There are some examples in the file. March 15, at Desktop 0 Desktop window.

AboveDock 10 Windows above the dock. Other GTK-themes are available at gnome-look. Basic Customization [ top ].

Then, change the line in your. Have a look at the excellent iDesk configuration webpage for further help. OnTop 6 Above the default layer. Gdm seems a bit heavy for an IceWM system, so why not use Slim? Below 2 Below the default layer. I like it very much and would like to transfer I mean re-configure so that I get the features I icew on TWM, among which are fast keyboard functions and many desktop-menu functions and program-starts easily changeable and easy to reconfigure and I can see that with just a little work I can achieve all of the same with IceWM which looks better, of course.


Everything in here I tried myself, but most of it I found somewhere else. Just have a look in the package-installer. This was the perfect guide for setting up some manuql the basic tweaks that I so desperately wanted, thanks a ton!

As you may suspect, this is where your keyboard shortcuts go. Links [ top ]. To change that, find this one:. Contains settings to control window appearance and behaviour which are specific to applications or groups of applications. There are many other browsers available for download. Options can control the border, whether it appears on the task bar, the window list, the system tray and the work spaces.