We take this opportunity to inform you that Bangladesh pharmaceutical market is one of the fastest growing sectors among the markets. Total pharmaceuticals. Drug Company Name:Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Product List. Serial. No. Brand Name. Dosage. Generic Name. Pack Size. 1. Aboxitin 1 gm. Injection. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited is a generic pharmaceutical company based in Dhaka, The company sells its products in Bangladesh and also has begun exporting to both developed and developing countries around the world. In .

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The system includes organizational design, written policies and procedures, actual operating practices, physical barriers to protect assets and all personnel. Monthly statements are compared with accounts payable balances.

It means the purchase department is satisfied with the information mentioned in the bill. In significant number of products got registration in different countries.

The company has a clear vision to become a leading research based dosage form manufacturing company with global presence within a short period of time. The selection criteria on what basis the interviewer will select the candidates are absent. It can be altered ihcepta necessary.

To combat the high employee turnover Incepa needs to consider the following steps: Phramaceuticals has been able to bring, for the first time ever, such reorganization for a Bangladesh Pharmaceuticals company. Based on pharmaceugicals suitability; they may be called for interview against any vacant position.

It also says that the FSD carries out internal audits of different segments of the business. There is no requirement that the auditor is to rely on any particular control. And in case of raw or packing materials, the planning department determines the quantity and timing of raw materials. But in some cases the employment of relatives occurs.

A sample of purchase order is added with Annexure —A Figure 9 3.

Recruitment and Selection Process of Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd – Assignment Point

This has been proved to bring the desired outcome. Employment approval later is signed by the top management. All these accounts are either debited or credited against accounts payable. The record for voided warrants is to include the date voided, inclusive serial numbers, quantity voided, reason for voiding, and initials of individual taking action.


It is classified pharmaceuticas a current liability account and as such normally has a credit balance. Bank statements are reconciled at least monthly by an employee not involved in cash receipt or disbursement procedures. Most organizations have a continuing need to recruit new employees to replace those who leave or are promoted, and to permit organizational growth. Incepta began its operation with a handful of highly skilled and dedicated professionals guided by an able leadership.

Organizations trying to fill vacant managerial slots might identify candidates by consulting replacement charts or by forming a nominating committee of higher managers who would pool their information to generate a slate of candidates. These people may be personnel generalists who spend some of their incepra performing recruitment activities or full-time recruiters who specialize in seeking and screening potential new employees.

It also contains the signature of the person raising requisition.

Incepta Pharmaceuticals | Incepta products

It is the policy of the Company to attract, retain and motivate qua1ified and skilled employees within the Company. InA marketing and sales team was setup in Myanmar headed by a country manager from the Marketing Strategy Team to promote the 35 products registered with the Myanmar FDA. The appointment letter and job description will became valid only after signing by the respective signing authority and the employee, in the space provided for the purpose.

Most of the auxiliaries used for production are bought from approved third parties. Legal fees It designed its documents and reports in such Promotional a way that they expenses can be used inAudit Expenses multiple fees purposes. The purpose of concealed identity is to avoid the unwanted pressure of the employment. While finalizing the questions, HR sticks to the job requirements of the position and maintain relevance, consistency and standard on the pattern of questions.


The Company tries hard to ensure best match of skills and thus recruit right and competent persons at the right job at the right time. High focus on quality and timely introduction of much needed essential medications previously unavailable in the country has enabled Incepta to become the second largest pharmaceutical company of the country.

This will save you time, resources and losses due to waste. Of course, dramatic changes in the unemployment rate may make projections based on the previous recruitment data inaccurate. Views Read Edit View history.

Augustoffice operations began. To achieve our purpose and mission, we affirm our values of integrity, respect inxepta people, innovation, performance and leadership.

By the end of this year Incepta was ranked 8th company of the country. International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research. Protection of the environment.

Currently all the products are coming from the plant at Zirabo. The most commonly used system for internal recruiting is job posting and bidding, in which employees nominate they are interested in being considered for an opening. After accepting the job offer the candidate send the 2nd copy to the IPL and the other copy is kept with him.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Incepta started venturing in the field of human vaccines and hormonal products. Selection process involves screening and appraising the applicants in a systematic manner.

Incepta also provides financial assistance for expensive treatment including heart and cancer and disburses its corporate zakat for relief of distressed people every year.

Now employee does the medical examination by their own medical physician.