Iskander Mirza is the last Governor-General of Pakistan, and the first President of the country. This biography of Iskander Mirza provides. OBITUARY. MAJOR-GENERAL ISKANDER MIRZA. Iskander Mirza, who died on 13 November , was Governor General of Pakistan () and the first. The only surviving son of Iskander Mirza, Humayun Mirza belongs to a generation whose lives were disrupted by the partition of India in Born in Poona.

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Jinnah Nazimuddin Iskkander Mirza. During his presidency, the country suffered a lot of instability, and the martial law which he imposed is said to have been the reason behind this disorder.

Mirza grew up and completed his schooling in Bombayattending the Elphinstone College of the University of Bombaybut left the university to attend the Royal Mirzza Academy in Sandhurst when he was selected by the British Governor-General for the King’s Commission.

She was a close friend of Begum Nusrat Bhutto. President Mirza had not envisaged any change in his previous powers; he wanted to retain the ability to maneuver things in keeping with his own whims.

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A Book for the New Generation: This measure which I had adopted in the interest iskandsr our beloved country has been extremely well received by our people and by our friends and well wishers abroad This martial law imposed by country’s first Bengali president was the first example of martial law in Pakistan, which would continue until the dissolution of East Pakistan in The Promise of Power: Humayun Mirza is the only surviving son of Iskander Mirza.

His rule as the President of Pakistan ended and he was forced to live a life devoid of glory. The London Gazette Supplement. By the grace of God Governor-General of Iskandef — Initially, it was Major-General Iftikhar Khan who was promoted to four-star rank and selected to be appointed as first native commander of the army but died in an airplane crash en route after finishing the senior staff officers’ course in the United Iskanrer.


InMirza was promoted to two-star rank, having skipped the one-star promotion as Brigadierand upgraded his rank as Major-General in the Pakistan Army by the promotion papers approved by Prime Minister Ali Khan. Views Read Edit View history.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan. He was then appointed as the District Officer in the early s and he continued to serve in this post for a few years. This section needs additional citations for verification. From Plassey to Pakistan: His military career was spent in the Military Police.

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The funeral ceremony was marred by the absence of Iskander Mirza’s relatives living in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Defence Policy — Khan and four army and air force generals: Thus, some flaws and wrongly made decisions became the reasons of his downfall. November 15 He was appointed to various posts in his entire career, and the dedicated leader never failed to accomplish his iiskander.

As an Interior Minister, he provided a strong political advocacy for the controversial geopolitical program, One-unitwhich he faced strong criticism in the West Pakistan ‘s politicians and public in general. Retrieved 31 March He died of a heart attack on 13 Novemberhis 70th birthday, and President Yahya Khan denied him a burial in Pakistan.

Suhrawardy Becomes Prime Minister”. From Protest to Freedom: During his short span of four years as the head of state, four prime ministers were changed, three of them were his appointees, while the only popularly elected Bengali prime minister was dismissed. In fact, his insecurities of losing power as a president to Ayub Khan made Mirza conspire against the martial administrator. During the periodhe was appointed as the Political Agent of the tribal areas. There are unfounded rumors that after the Islamic Revolution in Iranhis grave was desecrated.


With Ayub becoming the army chiefit marked the change in the military tradition of preferring native Pakistanis and ending the transitional role of British military officers. After the legislative elections held inthe Awami League had been successfully negotiating with the Muslim League for a power-sharing to form the national government against the Republican Party. In NovemberMirza breathed his last at a hospital in London. Pakistan in a Nutshell. This biography of Iskander Mirza provides detailed information about his childhood, career, profile and timeline.

After the independence of Pakistan as result of the Partition of IndiaMirza was appointed as first Defence Secretary by Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khanonly to oversee the military efforts in first war with India infollowed by failed secessionism in Balochistan in See the events in life of Iskander Mirza in Chronological Order.

Iskander Mirza

Asif Ali Zardari Pakistani. After landing at the Dhaka AirportMirza sharply announced in Bengali language to the Pakistan media representatives, that he would not hesitate to use force in order to establish peace in the province, and personally threatening Maulana Bhashani of shooting him.

Your services are indispensable for Pakistan. In Bogra administrationhe also took care the matters of Commonwealth and Kashmir affairs ministry as he had gained major political influence in the administration in Military Politics in Pakistan. Talukdar, Mohammad Habibur Rahman, ed.

From —33, Mirza spent time as political agent in the troubled Tribal belthaving served as an assistant commissioner in the districts of Dera Ismail Khan on AprilTonk on MayBannu on Apriland Nowshera on April Iskander Mirza was a notable politician who had seen India as a British colony, and was also a witness to the partition of India and Pakistan.