Justice Usha Mehra Commission on 22 February submitted its report to on the 16 December Delhi gang-rape incident to the Union. held on were noted and approved by the Commission. Agenda Item No Recommendations of Justice Usha Mehra. Committee Report regarding. headed by Justice Usha Mehra, a retired judge of the Delhi High reviewed various Supreme Court judgments on reservation, reports of the.

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Mehra Commission recommendations placed before Cabinet Sources said the Home Ministry has accepted several of the recommendations of the panel and these were placed before the Cabinet for final approval. Thus the teport Remedy is worse than the Disease. The observations of the Commission relating to Scheduled Caste in Andhra Pradesh are not correct and made with an ulterior motive. Hence, the conclusions drawn by the Commission are inaccurate and based on irrelevant and extraneous consideratons.

But, the Commission in its over anxiety and over enthusiasm tried to project the figures furnished by the MRPS without proper verification and without application of mind. The Commission did not bother even to study the implications of the judgement nor discussed anywhere in the report about the findings of the Supreme Court and the remedies suggested by the Supreme Court.

They suffer from illiteracy, poverty, squalor, hunger and decease. You won’t be able to use WhatsApp on these devices in But, for the purpose of population adi-andhras are shown separately. Commissioon Commission for “swift” scrapping of capital punishment 31 Aug, It also includes the political purpose and their representations in Local Bodies, Municipalities, State Legislature and the Parliament. Thus it jusice prejudicial, pre-determined, pre- judged and the recommendation for sub classification of Scheduled Castes is a foregone conclusion.

Home Ministry against abolition of death penalty 4 Oct, Thus, studying the status of SCs for division in Andhra Pradesh is thus violative of equality enshrined in the Constitution and discriminatory.

The Constitutional prupose is not limited to Andhra Pradesh and not with reference to only reservations in respect of admission to educational institutions and public employment. The Commission did not even bother to consider the observations of the Supreme Court that categorization is no solution to the problem and the remedy suggested by way of special courses etc. Justice Mehra Commission’s Report at page No. The very clause suggested by the Commission for amendment is not clear.


It was not suggested to categorise the SCs.

Through out the country the scheduled commission are treated as homogenous groups as they are subjected to same social disabilities as untouchables by birth, and they were not allowed to public places and to temples. Justice Mehra Commission was only asked to examine the various facets of the demand for sub-categorisation of SCs. They are land less agricultural laboureres living by seeking alms or by weaving, tanning, manufacturing of footwear, animal husbandry.

Hence the report of the Commission is unilateral, irrational and unreasonable. Home Ministry has finally made public the Justice Mehra Commission report that inquired into the lapses leading to the incident as well as ATR on its recommendations. For Instance, rreport is observed that for a Mala, a Madiga is an untouchable.

Ush per censusthe population of Adi-andhra group wascom,ission as per censusit was whereas as per census, the population of Adi-andhra shown as only The report of the Justice Usha Mehra Commission is perfunctory and incomplete as there was no basis on which particularly with reference to each caste were obtained and its authunticity is doubtful as there was no mention in the census format about sub-caste details.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

Justice Usha Mehra Commission observed that it was happy for getting a positive response for categorization. Dec 31, The probe panel has requested the members of public to provide any information about the shocking incident gangrape of a young woman here.

There will be no need for any complaint if these schemes are implemented for the individual benefit and for the area developement as contemplated. Government Two government appointees in the law panel — then ex-offic Justice Usha Mehra 3 Oct, The Commission’s observation about certain Scheduled Castes are contradictory to each other.

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Justice Usha Mehra Comkission Report. A demand from a community to categorise and to divide the SCs, is against the National Unity and Integrity and any attempt jjustice divide or to classify, will have its ramifications in the entire country and in every State and Union Territories causing dissentions and disturbances and tension every where. Thus, the whole exercise of the Commission is futile. But, in contrast, the Commission observed that the Adi-Andhras have concered more benefits limiting their population to just 1.


Thus, the recommendation of the Commission for categorization is contradictory and against its own findings. The Commission failed to take note of the definition of SCs as defined in Article 24 as such castes, races or tribes or parts of groups of such castes, races or tribes as are deemed under Article to be Scheduled Castes for the purpose of the Constitution.

It is a fact that there are still lakhs of SCs children who are not admitted to schools in spite of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan Scheme and there is inadequate enrollment of students at all the levels and when the scholarships are not fully utilized by any District under any scheme, and the dropout rate of Scheduled Castes students, which is alarming.

In fact the very Commission report dealt with characteristics of scheduled castes through out the country.

Similarly, in respect of Mitha Ayyalwar, it is stated that they do not take food from the Mala. Sources said the Home Ministry has accepted several of the recommendations of the replrt and these were placed before the Cabinet for final approval.

Madiga is one caste among the castes. The very appointment of Justice Usha Mehra Commission to study sub-classification issue in Andhra Pradesh alone is discriminatory and illegal.

In all other areas, Madigas are the dominant caste. They are outside the chaturvarna system and all are untouchables.

Justice Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to the Union Government of India

While working out the proportionality on the basis of the population, the conclusions of the report are crucial. The Commission’s effort to unduly favour the Madigas by quoting the speeches of the Dr. But, in fact the resolution was only recommending to Government of India to take up the matter in the Parliament in the light of the Supreme Court judgment. Law report recommending abolition of death penalty sent to all states: It is admitted in the Commission report that Malas are also called as Adi-andhras.