Here are the celebrated seals from The Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula This Pentacle defendeth those who invoke the Spirits of Saturn. The first pentacle of the Moon This and the following serve to call forth and invoke the spirits of the Moon; and it further. The Key of Solomon is divided into two books but between those “books” are ” The Holy Pentacles”, which are the Pentacles alluded two in the chapters in Book .

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This manuscript has no pentacles.

Similarly on these days and hours thou canst operate to bring either good oc bad fortune to buildings; to have familiar spirits attend thee in sleep; to cause good or ill success in business, possessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in order to acquire learning; to bring destruction and to give death, and to sow hatred and discord.

Figure 52, from Sl. Extraordinary experiments and operations Afterwards you should say the following words over the matter prepared: An edition of the Latin manuscripts of the British Library was published by S. It is probably a corruption of Achad Unity.

OMEGA MAGICK: The 44 Magic Pentacles from The Greater Key of Solomon

Here again I conjure ye and most urgently command ye; I force, constrain, and exhort ye to the solommon, by the most mighty and powerful name of God EL, strong and wonderful, and by God the just and upright, I exorcise ye and command ye that ye in no way delay, but that ye come immediately and upon the instant hither before us, without noise, deformity, or hideousness, but with all manner of gentleness and mildness.

O Lord God the all powerful one, who hast formed unto thyself great and ineffable wisdom, and co-eternal with thyself soloon the countless ages; thou who in the birth of time hast created the Heavens, sllomon the Earth, the sea, and things that they contain; thou who hast vivified all things by the breath of thy mouth, I praise thee, I bless thee, I adore thee, and I glorify thee.


Waite has stated BCM iey, pg. Afterwards let the master extend his hands over the disciples, and in sign of absolution absolve and bless them; which being done he will distribute to each of his disciple the instruments necessary for magical art, which he is to carry into the circle.

Sarah McLeod began writing professionally for the federal government In It will be noted by the Qabalistical reader, that the above conjuration rehearses the divine names attached to the ten Sephiroth. Figure 24, from M Compare with Psalm Figure 46, from Kingsfol.

Butler describes Mora as an “alchemist, black magician, said to be a Satanist and poisoner who lived in Milan early in the seventeenth century, and burnt there after having confessed under torture to those crimes If however the experiment requires you to touch the loved-one, or put some brief short summary or letteror similar thing under the threshold or other place which the woman must pass, if the experiment requires some dust to be made and strewn about, or requires something to be drunk or eaten, make sure to solemnly observe the hourstimes, materials, and tools, as described in the relevant chapters.

I have given the number of the Psalms according to the Englishnot the Hebrew numbers. All substances needed for the magic drawings and amulets are detailed, as well as the means to purify and prepare them.

The rest of this paragraph is not found in Ad. M regularly reduces double consonants, so it seems pentadles that the ninth originally read “Jessod”.

How to Activate the Seals of Solomon

The Greek manuscripts seem to only have a single knife. We constrain ye yet again by the seal of the Sun which is the word of God; and by the seal of the Moon and of the stars we bind ye; and by the other animals and creatures which are in Heaven, by whose wings Heaven cleanseth itself, we force and attract ye imperiously to execute our will without failure.


Between the circles write the names of God that correspond to your wish. There are also frequent variations from the other manuscripts, many of which are clearly errors. And if the spirits be disobedient and do not then make their appearance, he must arise and take the exorcised knife of art 21 wherewith he hath constructed the circle, and raise it towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the air, and conjure the spirits.

This chapter was omitted by Mathers, who considered it unworthy of the rest of the text. The Second Pentacle of Mercury.

The most famous and widely available translation of the Greater Key is by S. It also describes how to find stolen items, become invisible, gain favour and love, and so on. The days and hours of the Moon are good for embassies; voyages; envoys; messages; navigation; reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by water.


In she was trained by Georgetown University’s Oncology Chief to abstract medical records and has since contributed to Phase I through Phase IV research around the country.

Meaning ’emanating from God. Figure 28, from Sl. The corrections to Mathers’ translation are based on my research; these have all been documented in the footnotes. Prayers and conjurations are in Latin. Aub24 and Ad start with “O Oriens Rex egregio qui in oriente regnas”; which might be translated as “O Oriens, illustrious King, who rules in the East. Wherefore am I so ignorant?

And if it be necessary in this operation to trace a circle, thou shalt do as is ordained in the chapter concerning circles; and if it be necessary to write characters, etc. Titled Clavis libri secretorum.

The Fifth Pentacle of Mars. Around this Pentacle is each Name symbolized as it should be. Magical characters of Saturn Magical Employment: