A Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual. Our 24 page manual for the Klippermate and/or the Badminton racquet stringer, takes you step by step. Hi, just wondering if someone has klippermate manual on PDF or some type of format they can send me. Greatly appreciated. Thanks ______. : KlippermateĀ® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine The most complete and easy to follow instructions available with any stringer.

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Requires a decent amount of manual dexterity and some judgement on the drop-weight tensioner.

I didn’t expect the Mercedes of stringers First time took about 1. George, December 18, It’s minimalist, robust, efficient, accurate. Considering the price I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the stringing it gives.

Kevin Matney, April 20, Is the tension accurate? Hardest part is the knots. It took me about two hours to string my first racket and I did have to call technical support a couple of times not about the machine but about stringing techniques and guidance and the folks at Klipper were extremely helpful and were able to assist me with my questions in an efficient and friendly manner.

Mark Pendley, Jul 17, Special feature is its portability and compactness.

To get the right tension by adjusting the klkppermate probably was the major time consuming part but it’s not so bad. Overall, you can’t beat the price and as long as it does a professional job on my racquets I am a happy customer.


Which, by the way, is how I found this forum! It took me about 5 hours to string the first racquet – I had to redo it a few times, as I kept skipping the holes. I string a week and have done about 20 with it so far.

kllippermate Still going strong after almost 20 years. Let the person talk you through. I used this to string a racquetball kpippermate E-Force Bedlam-X The mounting system is very firm and does not block any holes, it just blocks the clamps from getting close to racket ends. Most of the time was spent reading instructions carefully, making sure a weave was not missed, untangling the string and learning to tie knots. My times are faster and faster and the thing is solid.

Racquet Stringing Patterns

I received everything needed to string my own racquets. My thirteen year old son has begun stringing with the unit.

The string klippermwte is first-rate and after my second racquet, I was taking less than an hour. Jeff, September 8, I am not sure I am stringing at 60 lbs, but I am sure that each string job seems to be as consistent as the next.

Instructions were written well. KlipperUSA were great and the machine arrived as they said.

I strung average times a year in the last 15 years. But, unfortunately, this machine lasted about six months before being relatively useless. Peter, March 31, Jeff Winston, October 20, I expect the stringing time to go down as I string more and more.


Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual | Talk Tennis

The rep says that the name of kilppermate order is not in the system, and that they do not keep customer’s name and their information after a certain date. Natural gut takes a while.

My first racquet took about 1. The machine has been worth the price. The clamps seem to hold just fine, but you need to clamp them as specified, deep into the jawsfor them to hold well.

All the necessary basics. The machine is jlippermate easy to use.

Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual

JZ, March 3, I string for myself and a few friends. Came with starting pin, an awl, pliers, a locking mechanism for turn table, instruction manual, string patterns, string catalog, and a goodie bag klpipermate strings and sample over grip.

Table top, drop weight tensioner, floating clamps, tools. The delivery time from order to arrival was not more than 3 or 4 days.

Am still finding it slow, about 1hr per racquet. Razziade, Jul 18, Fast delivery, within a week. I purchased the “blemished” discounted offering but can’t find the blemishes.