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Clearly the y 2 coordinate is inertial since 2 and 6 have the same form.

Full text of “Lagrangian Dynamics D. A. Wells Mc Graw Hill”

There is, however, this important consideration. Indeed it even applies to a rigid body. As shown by the example above, relations 2.

Each pair constitutes a set dybamics coordi- nates. Show that when coordinates y, yi and y 2 are used to represent the configuration of the system in Fig. Let us here illustrate two methods of obtaining generalized forces. Lagrange’s equa- tions are merely a more convenient form of 4. A solid uniform disk of mass M and radius R lsgrangian attached to its face a small mass m at a distance r from its center.

Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Lagrangian Dynamics

This junction is free to move in the XY plane. Let us again assume that we are dealing with a single particle which is free to move on a smooth surface. The two masses mi and m 2Fig.

Regarding the above displacements as arbitrary not in conformity with constraintsit is clear that work done by the forces of constraints tensions will not in general be zero.


They still can be used as a “frame of reference” though for most problems not a very desirable one. In certain cases justifiable approximations and simplifying assumptions can be made which put the equations in integrable form. The advantages of this procedure over conventional methods are, for reasons which follow, of lagfangian importance.

Isabel Jimenez marked it as to-read Aug 20, Motion is not confined to a plane. Suppose the point p, shown in Fig.

Hamilton’s Equations of Motion. The steps required for this are explained and illustrated in Section 2.

Particles having masses mi and m 2 are connected with a cord in which a spring is located, as shown in Fig. A string attached to the particle passes through a hole in a smooth horizontal table and is fastened to a light spring as shown in Fig. It includes statics as a special case of dynamics. Is the period of oscillation changed by the motion of its supporting frame? The manner in which they become an important part of an actual down-to-earth method of setting up equations of motion for almost any dynamical system, will be made clear in Chapters 3 and 4.

As an extension of this example, let us use yi and s 2 as coordinates. Degrees of freedom 15 2. Considerable insight into the behavior of oscillating systems may be obtained from an inspection of the motions of m lxgrangian and m 2 when the system has been set in motion in some arbitrary manner so that both frequencies are excited simultaneously. Frictional forces usually depend on forces of constraint lagrnagian in general they do work dissipated as heat.


Examples under a and b above illustrate simple “Conservative” and “Non-conserva- tive” forces respectively, 5.

Schaum’s Outline of Lagrangian Dynamics – Dare A. Wells – Google Books

Gears A,D,E,F are keyed to their respective shafts. Assuming the rotating table, shown in Fig. Corresponding equations for any assumed motions may, of course, be written out at once. For the student who still feels a need, the following examples should contribute greatly to a clear understanding of generalized forces and the techniques involved in finding expressions for same.

Hence, as usual, this force is to be disregarded. The great importance of relations 2. Note that all velocities are expressed in terms of only s 4 and q u For use in a later example, consider the vertical velocities yi and if2 of mi and m 2shown in Fig.

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The following problem is for the purpose of demonstrating that, even in the case of simple systems, expressions for T and equations of constraint may become somewhat involved. Then 6,r, 0 may be regarded as coordinates locating any point in space. In many problems, but not all by any means, the masses of springs, supporting cords, lagrrangian. Summary and Remarks 1. Hunter rated it really liked it Dec 17,