Readers have long flocked to the works of LaVyrle Spencer, one of America’s most cherished storytellers. From The Fulfillment to Morning Glory to Then Came . New York Times bestselling author LaVyrle Spencer presents a beautiful and moving tale of a false marriage that leads to true love. Clay Forrester is wealthy, on his way to becoming a lawyer, and has a beautiful on-and-off girlfriend, Jill, who has similar aspirations. But when Clay and Jill.

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Number of sex scenes: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Separate Beds by LaVyrle Spencer – FictionDB

Unlike Clay, it’s not easy for her to show affection. Wonderful story from a master storyteller. He had one foot propped on a rung of the opposite stool, an elbow leaning nonchalantly on the edge of the counter. This book was written in the 80’s so maybe that kind of thing was OK back then? And then, all of a sudden, it was the other way around. He can not tell her he loves her or that he wants her!!! Are there other books with a similar story line? Her books have been sold to book clubs worldwide, and have been published around the world.


That only means he is a fu. Tampaknya perpisahan mereka juga dipaksakan di buku ini supaya terlihat happy ending buat Clay dan Cat di hari Natal.

Not my favorite by this author, because the main couple were estranged too much. So the only little part of me that is a feminist gets her high from being emotionally involved when it comes to the fates of the heroines in the books Bed read.

It really was a fab read. Ayah Cat menuntut dan meminta pertanggungjawaban Clay. But things don’t quite work out the way they plan. Sorry, but why not? A marriage of convenience solves the problem of an unplanned pregnancy, the result of a heated one-night stand.

At one point she said his driving a car was masculine. But thank God she didn’t say much about cars and riding them as masculine. Jill really would not.

Separate Beds Book Summary and Study Guide

Cat yang termakan provokasi dari Jill, akhirnya bertengkar paling hebat sebelum2nya mereka juga sering bertengkar dan saling mendiamkanyang berakhir dengan keluarnya Clay dari rumah mereka. I am not really so much for girl power. Apr 17, Rooks rated it did not like it.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I love stories about unrequited love that gets, well During their marriage Catherine has such a low self esteem because of the damage her father caused by his mistreatment. This is a story about a couple who marry temporarily for all separte wrong reasons because of a pregnancy that developed from a one night stand.


Dalam waktu 6 bulan, Cat berinstrospeksi dan menyadari keangkuhan dirinya dan ternyata dirinya masih mencintai Clay. Apalagi dengan sikap Cat yang menutup diri, berusaha tegar dan mandiri, yang berasal dari keluarga lavyrpe miskin kasih sayang dan materi, malahan ayahnya lebih banyak melakukan kdrt baik psikis maupun fisik. I got to the last chapter and I just couldn’t go on anymore.

Separate Beds

And finally X days after he has a chat with his dear dear Jill and realizes that she wanted him and he her befs because they were unavailable. Spencer, maybe the best I’ve read by you so far!

They come from different backgrounds, Clay is sophisticated, he comes from a wealthy family and he’s got a model steady girlfriend. Meanwhile he longed for her.

Most of the book was not fun. Her eyes were were drawn to his, to seaprate level, unsmiling study in gray. She has successfully published a number of books, with several of them made into movies.