Cast off for adventure with the members of the RPGA Network. Get to know one of the busiest ports of the Sea of Fallen Stars, where adventure awaits on land. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D/Forgotten Realms Module LC4) has 9 ratings and 0 reviews: Published August 1st by TSR, pages, Paperback. Port of Ravens Bluff (AD&D 2nd Ed Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Module LC4) . Official Game Accessory PORT OF RAVENS BLUFF THE LIVING CITY Credits Compiled by: Jean Rabe and Skip Williams Editor Author: RPGA.

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TSR 9315 Ad&d 2nd Edition Forgotten Realms RPGA Lc4 Port of Ravens Bluff Near MINT

A barmaid serves the fishermen and greets all newcomers. Rravens, dagger, dart, sling Nonweapon Proficiencies: Cutlass specializedbelaying pin, punching, garrote Nonweapon Proficiencies: Javelin, long sword, long bow Nonweapon Proficiencies: On the main deck, two forecastle staterooms are furnished with large, comfortable beds, sizeable wardrobes, and plush chairs.

Guenther Fischer marked it as to-read Jan 19, Involving the PCs in this caper is easy. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Tony marked it as to-read Jan 05, Refresh and try again.

LC4: Port of Ravens Bluff | Rules | Forum | BoardGameGeek

Seamanship 15navigation 5swimming 8appraisal 18disguise 12blhff 13rope use 14direction sense 18fishing 16 Magic Items: Pirates, fishermen, water creatures and adventures lurk at every corner. Pebble still loves the sea and often ventures out on his sailboat.


The Fair Weather is a rather unremarkablelooking fishing boat. The wizard believes the contract relates to the business with the former Mayor. The Crew Ravesn Osprey can be handled by as few as eight crewmen, but she normally carries a crew of 35 to A hatchway near the bow opens down, into the forward cargo space.

Od is a muscleman who turns the heads of most of the women on the docks. A small, painted wooden sign dangling above the door proclaims: It is said the previous owner was guilty of deception and treason.

Realizing her daughter would need some bpuff, Flirin bought a building with her collection of jewelry and opened the sushi bar after Adularia was born. A ravsns hard work and the last of his savings bought him both a start in spellcraft and his business.

Krista Kuhl added it Jan 31, Because of his connection to the sea, Ashakar is able to sell unusual items that are virtually unobtainable by surface dwellers. One day, the idea of removing barnacles struck him and, with slight modifications to the substance, his business was born.

Rope use 10 rzvens, seamanship 11swimming 16weather sense 12navigation 13engineering 12 Magic Items: The 4 cp drinks are simply low quality spirits, bought wholesale Zorba has a few simple rules which he strongly enforces. A regular shave performed with a razor and a haircut costs 1 sp.

It is wood-paneled, contains nautical gear, and a carved wooden figurehead of a sea goddess stands in one corner. With his newfound vocation as a wizard, Ashakar became a valued member of his clan. Shelves of books dominate the room, surrounding a large table in the center.


Vlard is a Ravens Bluff native who inherited his business from his parents. He divides his busy schedule fairly evenly between the insurance office, the town hall and courts, and mealtimes at the Shark Fin see page The odor of fried fish is strong here. He took the carcass back to Ravens Bluff, smuggling it past the gate guards, and studied it for the next several years. These compartments, disguised to look like parts of the deck, are made to stay shut unless the opener is a seasoned thief or one of the privileged crew members who know how to get inside.

Insurance fees vary, depending upon the reputation of the ship and whether the owner or captain has been a regular customer of Safe Harbor. Golight wears the black and white cap and robes of the legal profession. There is an outside stairway that leads to this level, but no other means of traveling from the first floor to the second. He is well liked by the locals. The clothing racks hide the entrance to yet another room: Finding work difficult, and being lazy by nature, Demetrius soon found that he could make an easier living by stealing.