analyses of essential oils of Lippia origanoides H.B.K grown in Colombia. Liliana Betancur-Galvis1, Bibiana Zapata1, Armando Baena2, Juan Bueno3. Lippia origanoides Kunth. Verbenaceae, is of great importance in the Brazilian traditional medicine. Because of it, this work had the purpose to contribute to the . Methods and Results. The composition, antimicrobial activity, mutagenic and toxic potential of L. origanoides were determined. Then, the effect.

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Studies of antifungal activity of essential oils with high thymol and carvacrol have been carried out on Candida species. The analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of other Lippia species have already been described Table 1for their essential oils Mendes et al. Essential oil constituents of the genus Lippia Vernenaceae – a literature review.

Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil

Universidad Industrial de Santander Correspondencia: Food Chemitry, Literature on chemistry and pharmacology of this species are still scarce. CardosoAna Cristina S. Susceptibility testing was performed in duplicate in three different assays. Because of it, this work had the purpose to contribute to the oribanoides knowledge of L.

However, Tampieri et al. In general, the oils were not cytotoxic. The ethnopharmacological data obtained demonstrated the use versatility of L.

Plantas Medicinales de Colombia, In: Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil is known for its antiseptic and anti-allergic properties. All experimental groups were composed by mice. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.


Lippia Origanoides Essential Oil at Rs /kilogram | Natural Essential Oil | ID:

Known for its accurate composition and rich aroma, this oil is appreciated for its antimicrobial properties. Samples were identified by Dr.

Aspergillus infections have also grown in importance in organoides last years 4,1. Lippia origanoides ; Maroons; Ethno-directed ; Ethnopharmacology ; Analgesic activity ; Women’s health.

Impact of thymol in thyme extracts on their antispasmodic action and ciliary clearance. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic, menstrual disorders, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, respiratory diseases, syphilis and gonorrhea.

The anti-inflammatory activity of thymol, obtained from L. The analgesic activity demonstrated here may contribute to understand some uses of L.

Cite this paper Teixeira, M. The formularies applied contain socio-economic data sex, age, profession, schooling, monthly family income, number of residents and the medicinal plants information common name, therapeutic uses, doses, preparation methods, contraindications and sites of collection.

Essential oil of two Lippia spp Verbenaceae growing wild in Guatemala. Ecletica Quimica 36, The essential oils were shown to be potential agents in the integrated management of the aphid Myzus persicae Sulzer.

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Introduction Lippia origanoides Kunth, Verbenaceae, is a very aromatic shrub distributed from southern North America to northern South America, with prominent occurrence in the Amazonian region of Brazil, the Guianas, Venezuela and Colombia Maisch, ; Pascual et al. The most active oil with content of thymol Medicinal importance of genus Origanum: The oribanoides and chemical aspects of Oregano.


Legal Status of Firm Proprietorship Firm. The AIDS epidemic, chemotherapy in cancer patients, neutropenia and immunosuppressant therapies in recipients with transplants have increased the number of cases of mycotic infections 1,2.

Get best deals for coconut. It is known for its various medicinal properties. To explore this index, it is necessary to categorize the body systems and properties, for this purpose; we employed the International Classification of Diseases ICD Origanoiddes, Essenze Derivati Agrumari 57, The inhibitory effect observed with L.

Structural analysis of a novel antimutagenic compound, 4-hydroxypanduratin A, and antimutagenic activity of flavonoids in a Thai spice, fingerroot Boesenbergia pandurata Schult.

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Lippia origanoides Kunth — The Plant List

Acetic acid-induced abdominal writhing Mice were treated as previously described by Matheus et al. Furthermore, it was found in the literature a similarity between the uses of L. American Journal of Plant Sciences5 Botany, Chemistry, and Cultivation In: Brown, grown in Colombia, and evaluation of its in vitro antioxidant activity.