Antilog amplifiers along with log amplifiers are used to perform analogue computations on the input signals. The circuit of an antilog amplifier. But if diode current is too low then the OP Amp input offsets become Then finally choose a max temp difference of the log and antilog diodes. EXPERIMENT 8: Log and Antilog Amplifiers. Objectives: To understand the behavior of logarithmic and antilogarithmic amplifiers. Materials and Equipment.

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According to the virtual short conceptthe voltage at the inverting input terminal of an op-amp will be equal to the voltage at its non-inverting input terminal.

Using the concept of virtual short between the input terminals of an opamp the voltage at inverting terminal will be zero volts. The bulk size and Pd rating of the diode affects the thermal resistance and bulk resistance or ESR, and also junction capacitance and bandwidth.

Antilog amps are used pog with log amps to perform analog computation. Consider the voltage-input transdiode. As such, they can vary over a wide range of values.

These basic circuits needs additional components to improove the overall performance, i.

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Log And Anti Log Amplifiers

IC log amps may cost about ten times the components needed to build a discrete-component log amp. Does this seem reasonable?

To get the logarithm of a signal voltage use a Log amplifier. This section discusses about the op-amp based logarithmic amplifier in detail. Then, by taking the antilogarithm, you get the product of the two input voltages as indicated in the following equations: DIT offerings in year 3 and 4. Unclear what you’re asking.

The K values control the R value which controls the diode current which can lead to errors if there is self heating which is the NTC Shockley Effect.

I know there is problem with the last stage, the oog opamp should give me gain: Then determines the required input bias current and offset must be to achieve this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This relationship is shown in the following formula: Applying Antilog on both sides we get.

logarthmic, anti logarthmic amplifiers

Tony EE rocketscientist 62k 2 21 The source impedance of voltage signals applied to the circuit must be small compared to R1. So, the voltage at the inverting input terminal will be zero volts.

Omitting R1 yields a currentinput log amp. It is well known that some processes such as multiplication and division, can be performed by addition and subtraction of logs. But this depends on your thermal amplifieg.


Linear Integrated Circuits Applications Log And Anti Log Amplifiers

The circuit diagram of logarithmic amplifier is as shown below. This is the basic layout of the circuit: This section discusses about the op-amp based anti-logarithmic amplifier in detail. This chapter discusses about the Logarithmic amplifier and Anti-Logarithmic amplifier in detail. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

The system bandwidth is narrower for small signals because emitter resistance increases for small currents. Ziad Could this be used to perform division if antiolg used a differential amplifier instead of a summing amplifier? The logarithmic circuit can be redrawn as follows.

Log and AntiLog Amplifiers

Very similar question from a month ago: Constant terms are omitted for simplicity. Sign up using Email and Password. Figure next slide shows the use of a second, matched, transistor for offset compensation and a temperature-dependent gain for gain compensation.

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A simple Anti log amplifier is shown below.