The Makropulos Affair. Conductor Ondrej Olos Director Yannis Houvardas. PREMIERE 20 MAY 20, 23, 25 May 20th Century Cycle / Janáček Cycle. The Makropulos Case. The seductive diva Emilia Marty has broken hearts for over years and yet she doesn’t look a day past Now that the magical elixir . At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried as deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

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This mystery is about ourselves. However, in the registry another name is written – Elina Makropulos. Accompanying him is Emilia Marty, to the surprise of Kristina. Her apparently fatal reaction enraged Rudolf, who jailed her father. Best of all is Anja Silja, while a little more effort could have been made to make malropulos look younger she otherwise embodies her role in a powerful and poignant manner, and even with the beat in some of her top notes her singing is in good shape.

The artefact unwinding before us in time is aggressively beautiful. Emilia says she can provide such written evidence.

Each party presented different evidence to support their case, but neither could proffer an actual will. This page was makropulls edited on 15 Octoberat The elixir only works for years and so if Marty is to go on living she has to make a new potion.

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SFOpera – Unraveling “The Makropulos Case”

However, Gregor notices that the ink is fresh, and accuses Emilia of forgery. Now that the magical elixir granting her eternal youth is wearing off, can she seduce her way to immortality? However, she also tells him that he must obtain from Prus papers that will provide him with proof to win the inheritance. The enigmatic femme fatale Emilia Marty turns the life of everyone she meets on its head.


Unraveling “The Makropulos Case”

Views Read Edit View history. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. A stagehand and a cleaning woman discuss Emilia’s performance. A stagehand and a cleaning woman discuss Emilia’s extraordinary performance. She further states that Ferdinand Gregor was her son, which makes her a direct ancestor of Gregor his great-great-great-great-great-grandmother [3]. The curtain with luminous letters rises and the figures become the protagonists of a play about an elixir by means of which it is possible to escape from time and gain immortality.

At first encounter, the secrets of The Makropulos Case appear buried cae deeply as the secret its enigmatic heroine conceals until the final moments.

Act 2 At the backstage of a theatre, some of the employees are talking about the success of Emilia Marty’s performance. He continues saying that only a descendant of Ferdinand Makropoulos can claim the estate. Kristina re-enters the room, to ask the others to speak quietly and let Emilia sleep.

She has makropuulos lived an itinerant life for three centuries. Emilia finally offers it to Kristina, saying that this formula will allow her too to become a great singer, and to live for years.

Jaroslav enters, seeking Emilia, accompanied by his young son Janek, and Kristina. Emilia says that there is in fact a will, and describes an old cupboard in the Prus mansion where important papers were kept, where that document may be found. Retrieved from ” https: Gregor expresses frustration and wishes for the case to end. This page has been archived and is no longer updated. As cold as ice! She tells the others that they are happy because they could die at any moment, but also that she is afraid of death.


The orchestra play beautifully and the conducting from Andrew Davis is exemplary, on the same level as Charles Mackerras I’d say.

Gregor’s only knowledge of Strada is from history. However, the document was lost among the Baron’s papers after his death.

The Makropulos Case

With Kamila he maintained an impassioned, mostly one-sided, and it is believed purely emotional affair, conducted mainly through hundreds of letters, and ending only with his death in Search for ” The Makropulos Case ” cwse Amazon. Baron Joseph Ferdinand Prus died inleaving no will or legitimate children.

Prus reveals the presence of additional documents, including an additional document whose contents he does not know, with a seal from Baron Prus intended for the hands of caze son Ferdinand”, which he has never opened. But Emilia, bored and indifferent, coldly refuses him.

Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language. She needs someone to retrieve it, makrpoulos sequestered with the will is a document lent to the baron, but which he never used: